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Safe and Clean Workout Supplements Keep You Going


When you decide what to put in your body, you hopefully take the time to examine the ingredients in each product or food item and educate yourself on whether it will help or harm you. At Proven 4, we want to offer safe and clean workout supplements that help you prepare, push through, and recover properly following each workout, practice or game. As Team P4 member and professional running back Joique Bell states, “Your body is just like a vehicle. If you put the wrong things into it, it won’t work.”

Before you start your workout each day, you want to take the time to put the right stuff into your body. Our pre workout formula only contains ingredients that will prove beneficial as you begin your routine. Creatine will increase strength and promote muscle growth, and allow you to achieve a high level of intensity throughout your workout. The tyrosine keeps you alert and aware and can improve your memory, making movements and repetitions quickly become second nature. Arginine boosts your immune system, keeping you healthy and in the game at all times. Finally, the CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine® delays fatigue and helps expedite recovery following a rigorous workout. The best thing about our pre workout supplement and its ingredients is that it’s completely heavy metal and banned-substance-free, and has been NSF Certified for Sport, meaning it will only enhance and improve your body, not damage it and detract from your progress.

Dedicated athletes take pride in how they treat their bodies. It doesn’t matter if the only arena you ever see is the inside of your gym or between the ropes of your local boxing ring, you can take control of what goes into your body. With the right workout supplements and the proper dietary intake, you can gain muscle, burn fat, and stay on top of your game at all times.

Welcome To The New P4

While you've used the latter half of 2014 to pump lots of iron, drip buckets of sweat, elevating your game to new heights, we've been busy updating our website, revamping our P4 workout supplement packaging, and adding top-tier Olympians, professional baseball players, MMA fighters, and standout pro football running back Joique Bell to our TEAM P4 roster!And we’re planning to ride [...]

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Why You Should Drink More Green Tea

Whether you’re looking to cut back on your coffee intake or simply make healthier choices, drinking more green tea is a great way to make it happen. Per cup, you’re still getting roughly 50 milligrams of caffeine, but you’re also going to see a slew of other health and exercise benefits. Here are four areas you’ll see green tea’s [...]

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Tips For Working The Outer Calves

During the cold weather months, it’s common for people to lag on training their lower body. What’s out of sight, and covered by snow pants, can easily be placed out of mind. However, if you want to have calves the size of dinner plates come summer, winter is the perfect time to set the plan [...]

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4 New Goals For The New Year

According to research from the University of Scranton, the most common New Year’s Resolution for 2014 was to lose weight. Trouble is, the majority doesn’t make it to the finish line. People in their 20s found success roughly 40 percent of the time, while the success rate for people over the age of 50 nosedived to 14 percent.How can you [...]

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Four Signs That You Need A New Personal Trainer

A good personal trainer can provide the education and motivation that’s necessary to elevate you toward achieving a specific fitness goal. On the other hand, a bad personal trainer can mislead you, cause you to make ill-informed decisions, and become a de-motivating force. So if you’re shelling out hard-earned cash for assistance to get bigger, [...]

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Try Pre-Exhaust Training for Serious Muscle Gain

Pre-exhaust training can spur serious strength and muscle gains. This method requires you to begin with sets of a single-joint exercise before performing sets of a multijoint exercise that targets the same muscle group. At Proven 4, our workout supplements can help you prepare for this type of training.For example, it can be beneficial to [...]

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Find the Energy and Motivation to Stay Active This Holiday Season

It’s something that many people face at this time of year - the winter doldrums, where the motivation to stay active suddenly slips away as you get caught up in the hubbub and busyness of the holiday season. There are also several large meals, not to mention the snacks and sweets to tide you over [...]

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Properly Prepare for Your Winter Workouts

With winter weather covering much of the country, athletes and trainers alike will be taking their workouts inside during the colder December days. Just because you have to trade the road bike for a stationary bike or your neighborhood streets for the treadmill, it doesn’t mean you have to change how you prepare for a [...]

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What is 100s Training?

Want to test your mettle while increasing muscle endurance? Run yourself through a grueling one or two weeks of 100s training to see if you can run with the big boys and girls. How you perform this style of training is simple. The execution is anything but that.Select a weight that’s between 20 and 30 percent of what you’d [...]

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