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​Break out of your winter slumber with this cool crop of workout gear and clothing.

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Looking to gear up for spring? From new fitness gear to workout attire to the best workout supplements available, here’s how to refresh your routine as the weather warms …

P4 Sports Supplements ($37.99 and up)

Proven4’s line of NSF Certified for Sport supplements can keep you energized and primed for recovery:

Pre-Game Formula: Caffeine, beta-alanine, and creatine are a trio of potent ingredients that create a serious energy rush to power through the most grueling workouts. Flavors include: Fruit Punch, Cherry Limeade, and Blue Raspberry.

Energy Formula: Along with caffeine, Energy Formula features taurine, electrolytes, and a fast-digesting carb to produce lasting energy.

Recovery Push Formula: A caffeine-free formula engineered to support your body’s recovery efforts with help from BCAAs, electrolytes, and a vitamin matrix.

UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate Engineered by JBL ($150 @

Of course they’re earbuds, which are a necessity for those who train in chain gyms with awful corporate rock blaring through the speakers. But the standout feature for these over-the-ear hook buds is the heart rate monitor that directs you as you train to reach your training and fitness goals. Battery life lasts five hours per charge.

Crossrope Bolt ($60 @

For one, it’s a super cool looking jump rope. That won’t help you train, but it’s worth noting. More importantly, the aluminum handles, ball bearings, and two weighted ropes, is a calorie burning aid that will push you to work harder as you fly through double-unders.

Fitbit Alta HR ($150 @

The world's thinnest heart-rate sensing band can diagnose you, which essentially means track your vitals but explain what the payoff is. Other stats tracked: calories, steps, and distance. Battery life lasts up to seven days.

C9 Champion Speed Knit Cross Train Shorts ($23 @

Not all quality fitness gear has to drain your wallet. Champion’s comfy yet stretchy shorts are perfect for hitting the squat rack, dominating the courts, or going on a springtime jog.

Brushed Tech Jersey Half-Zip ($30 and up @

It’s both breathable and moisture-wicking, which come in handy when you break a sweat on warmer spring days, and includes a hidden zipper pocket to stash keys or your phone. Ideal when the weather is on the chilly side but not yet suitable for short sleeves.

Mission Men's VaporActive Alpha Short Sleeve T-Shirt ($30 @

If you're someone who pours sweat like a broken spigot, you'll want active performance gear that dries quickly. Using VaporActive patented tech, these shirts dry up to five times faster than other quick-dry gear.

Reebok CrossFit Nano 7 ($130 @

Made for CrossFitters in mind — read: these suckers are built to run, lift weights, and take a beating! — the Nano 7's feature a reinforced heel clip, reworked toe cap for better stability and an improved fit

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