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5 Reasons You’re Too Tired To Train


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Whether the boss is pinging you to get your TPS reports finished, you’re preoccupied thinking about bills, or your damn kids are complaining yet again that hey haven’t been fed in days — stress is an unavoidable — and often draining — part of our lives. And we completely understand taking a “mental health day” and skipping a workout every so often in order to regain your composure. But when a day turns into days … then weeks … then months … and then pot belly, it’s time to eliminate the fatigue and get back to business in the gym.

The next time you feel too tired to train, run through this list of questions before you throw in the towel. You might find that an energy fix is easier than you think …

#1. Are You Taking A Pre-Workout Supp?

The right preworkout supplement can improve focus, energy, and performance. And the right workout supplement is P4 Pregame. Thanks to ingredients like arginine, creatine, L-tyrosine, and Carnosyn Beta Alanine™, you’ll replace fatigue for enormous pumps and bigger gains. Even better, the formula is NSF Certified For Sport so athletes in all stages of the game can rest easy after a tough workout knowing no banned substances have entered their body. 

Get P4 Pregame here.

#2. Are You Eating Enough Carbohydrates?

You don’t get energy from consuming protein — you get energy from consuming carbohydrates. Of course, not all carbs are created equal. Complex carbs like whole-wheat pasta, berries, brown rice, and starchy vegetables digest slowly and provide a long-lasting energy. Simple carbs, like soft drinks, candy, jams, and white bread digest quickly to supply a burst of energy that accompany an insulin spike.

#3. Are You Allowing Yourself To Succumb To The Midday Lull?

About midday there comes a time where a choice must be made — power through the workday and force yourself to train. Or attempt to look like you’re powering power through the workday until you can flop on the couch and call it a night. The right snack and energy drink can help make your choice for you.

A handful of raw almonds or a glob of almond or peanut button on whole-wheat toast with a serving of Energy Formula #2 should do the trick. Powered by proprietary ingredients like Karbolyn, as well as caffeine, taurine, and an intense Vitamin Matrix, it’s your go-to drink when you want to access your turbo boosters. 

Get P4 Energy Formula #2 here.

#4. Are You Dehydrated?

Allow dehydration to set in and you’ll feel sluggish and perform subpar at work and in the gym. One tip: Slug water before you down your morning coffee. But just how much water should you drink per day? Great question. The answer, unfortunately, isn’t so clear. Since all of our bodies process food and liquid differently, it’s tough to provide an exact number. In general, a good rule of thumb to go by: If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. So drink up.

#5. Have You Evaluated Your Sleep Hygiene?

Skipping out on quality sack time can negatively affect your mood as well as deplete energy levels. If you’re not getting the recommended seven to nine hours per night, try taking a look at your sleep hygiene. Some doctors recommend using your bed for two things: sleep and sex. Other things like reading, eating, and building blanket forts to keep out monsters should be done elsewhere.

You can also try shutting down devices like laptops, smartphones, and your TV about a half hour before you turn in. Studies have shown that the artificial lights as well as sounds from electronics can disturb sleep. 

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