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The P4 Difference: Quality, Transparency, and the NSF Certified for Sport Seal of Approval!

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When you’re looking for a restaurant, how often do you visit a website like Yelp for guidance? Often, right? Because who wants to spend hard-earned cash on garbage food or a terrible experience?

So why would anyone want to spend money on a workout supplement that doesn’t deliver or could possibly harm them? Beats us.

In that sense, the NSF Certified for Sport logo serves as the “Yelp” for those in the market for the best sports supplements — except the Certified for Sport program is regulated and requires third-party testing on each and every product. P4 doesn’t make sure the NSF Certified for Sport logo is in plain sight on every single bottle because it enhances design; it’s there because that logo ensures you, the athlete, are buying a workout supplement that is of the highest quality.

Without that Certified for Sport logo, it’s impossible to know what you’re consuming. With the logo, you can feel good knowing that what you’re about to invest in has been inspected and that every claim on the bottle is verified and accurate.

And it doesn’t matter what your athletic prowess is — whether you’re a serious lifter, professional, amateur, weekend warrior, etc. — it’s critical that you look for that NSF Certified for Sport label.


Wander around Google with searches for “workout supplements + fraud” and you’ll find some surprising things, including unsettling reports about FDA claims against companies that knowingly and purposefully mislead consumers, as well CEOs and higher ups doing time in jail for printing inaccurate “facts” on labels even after they were flagged for their deceit. In other words, without the assurance of a reputable company like the NSF you just don’t know whether the product is full of what’s listed on the ingredients label, or full of BS.

Upon its inception P4 made a vow to be transparent with athletes, which is why the NSF Certified for Sport logo is a must on all products — Pre-Game Formula, Energy Formula, and Recovery Push Formula. It’s our way of proving our loyalty to you. And it’s what we’ve been doing since the company launched in 2010, and what we’ll continue to do moving forward.

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