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MMA Pro Vince Murdock Joins Team P4!

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Proven4 is proud to welcome mixed martial artist (MMA) professional Vince Murdock to our team of dedicated athletes! Murdock, a Michigan native, turned pro in the bantamweight division in 2012. He debuted with an impressive win and has managed to keep the momentum going by racking up a 5-1 record. He’s currently riding a three-fight winning streak, with his last two fights ending via knockout. Seeing as taking a banned substance could remove him from competition and cause a major setback in his progress on the fight circuit, Murdock admittedly was skeptical about taking sports supplements.

Enter P4.

He put his trust into P4’s Pre Game Formula because it’s NSF Certified for Sport — which means it’s banned-substance-free according to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). So taking it in no way jeopardizes his ability to compete. “I take Pre Game Formula four or five times a week,” Murdock told us. “When my energy is low and I haven’t had a lot of carbs … Pre Game really gets me going.”

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