The Best Never Rest.

Unless It’s Between Sets

IN 2010…

Shelley Mead, a specialist in FDA-approved pharmaceuticals, teamed with fourteen-year professional baseball veteran Frank Catalanotto to create a sports supplement line that was specifically engineered for professional athletes, Olympians, hardcore lifters, marathoners, triathletes, and anyone who enjoys competition.

The result: Proven 4, a brand that provides products that are proven to be safe, clean, and banned-substance-free.

We started PROVEN 4 to provide elite and aspiring athletes peace of mind.

We understand that to become the best you need to battle exhaustion, work through injuries, and dedicate countless hours in the gym, at the track, and on the field. The last thing you want to worry about is that something you’re putting into your body will violate any testing guidelines or in any way jeopardize your ability to perform. With P4, that’s a stress you’ll never have to encounter.

To earn your trust we wanted to prove that our word is our bond. So instead of simply saying that our products are free of banned substances, we had the NSF Certified for Sport® program verify that and every other claim we have printed on our label.

In short, the NSF is a group dedicated to keeping dietary and supplement companies honest by holding them accountable. Acquiring the NSF’s Certified for Sport® Mark means…

  • The product has passed a rigorous testing process.
  • All claims on the label are 100% accurate.
  • Each and every FDA-mandated cGMPs and rigid quality-control procedure was followed.

Your opinions, comments, questions, and concerns about PROVEN 4 products matter to us.

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