If You’re Not Using The Trap Bar, Start Now

The trap bar — or hex bar, as some people refer to it — is a diamond-shaped lifting tool that was invented to work around a weightlifter’s lower-back injury. Sounds like an As Seen On TV gimmick, right? Not this time. The trap bar has become a go-to for lifters and athletes who want to… read more

Proven 4 the Fairway: Kristy Breuler’s Power Snack for Golf Performance

Protein bars? Snack crackers? Which snack do you think Golf Fitness Expert Kristy Breuler recommends for your round of 18? As you can imagine, it’s far from traditional carb- and sugar-heavy snacks, but her preferred snack may surprise you. “Grab and go! Beef jerky is an easy snack to throw in your golf bag. No… read more

How To Apply Back-Off Sets To Your Training

It might seem counterproductive to use heavy weights and lots of tenacity only to scale the weight back on your final set. But opting not to follow a linear path with your sets and reps and using techniques like back-off sets can translate to gains in both strength and size — something athletes universally strive… read more

Introducing P4’s New Pre Game Flavor: Blue Raspberry!

New Pre Game Formula flavor alert: Blue Raspberry! Blue Raspberry — New Pre Game Formula Flavor, still NSF Certified for Sport As you’re churning through your summer workouts leaving puddles of sweat in gyms and on turf and baseball diamonds, we’ve been working hard coming up with a new flavor of Pre Game Formula —… read more

Paleo Diet 101

  Pop quiz. What’s the first thing you do when you want to lose weight? Sign up for a gym, right? Noooooope. Sure, that’s a vital piece to the puzzle, but takinginventory of your diet should be step one. Why? Your diet serves as the biggest component to gaining muscle, possessing adequate energy levels, and… read more

The Power of Plyometrics: Can you really add distance to your golf swing?

Plyometrics training for golf? Really? “You may not think the two go together,” says golf fitness expert Kristy Breuler, “but when power in golf translates to longer drives, what golfer doesn’t want to increase power in their swing?” Here’s how it works: “Power is a combination of speed and strength. And the ‘jump training’ in… read more

Tips For All-Day, All-Night Recovery

  What you do in the gym is only part of what enables you to gain strength or muscle mass. Without the right meal plan and recovery program, you’re all but guaranteed to encounter setbacks. P4’s NSF Certified for Sport Recovery Push Formula — now available at a lower price! — features a carb loader and BCAAs… read more

Why All Weightlifters Need Omega-3s

  Whether you’re in CrossFit class or on the goal line, the stronger you are, the better odds you have of turning in an elite performance. To get there, you need to follow a targeted weight-training regimen and a balanced meal plan. Yes, carbs and protein intake must be accounted for — but fats can’t… read more

Three Compelling Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Be Running

No one but no one can argue with the fact that running does a body good. But set aside the obvious health benefits of the sport for just one millisecond and consider these added perks: running can also make you smarter, happier and more well-rounded. Whether you’re an endurance runner or a “sometimes”runner, you’re probably… read more

Why Serious Athletes Look To P4’s Pregame Formula

It doesn’t matter whether you’re about to lift weights, play one-on-one pickup basketball, or throw the first pitch of the World Series — the time and devotion you put into your prep determines how you’ll perform when it’s game time. Any dedicated athlete or weightlifter will ensure a few things: 1. They’ve had plenty of… read more

Golf Athletes: Gain mental focus and energy on the back 9 holes

  Even when you’re playing for “fun,” there’s still an intrinsic competitiveness in the sport of Golf. If not with fellow golfers, then with yourself to lower your score or improve an aspect of your game. So we checked in with Golf Fitness Trainer Kristy Breuler to make sure as you round the corner to… read more

6 Key Exercises: Why Workouts Should Start with Stabilization & Core

Stabilization is the ability of the body to maintain postural equilibrium and support joints during movement. Or maintain correct posture during movements. That’s why NASM-certified 15-year personal trainer Susan Zettell starts all of her clients with stabilization & core exercises. “When you train with controlled, unstable exercises, you can increase the body’s ability to stabilize… read more