Detroit Marathon Runners: Prove Everything With P4

You can feel it already. The brisk October Michigan air awakening your senses as you gather at Fort and Cass Sunday morning, October 18th. It’s the morning of the 2015 Detroit Marathon. Your rhythmic steps seem to echo the beats of Motown as you pass through historic Corktown and Indian Village, the natural beauty of Belle… read more

6 Ways Athletes Can Enhance Their Endurance

Looking to maintain your energy rush through your last rep? Here’s how … 1. HIT It! High-intensity intervals — whether using weights or doing cardio — combines a rapid pace with low-intensity exercise for a determined period of time. So, think sprinting for one minute, and then walking for 30 seconds, for a 5 to… read more

The Benefits of Planks

If you surf the internet as often as some of us — hey, you can’t train 24 hours per day! — you may have seen a lot of 30-day challenges popping up lately. One of the more popular ones involves a plank, which promises to give you shredded abs and a taut core. Here’s one… read more

Meet PROVEN Athlete: James Ihedigbo

What motivates Strong Safety James Ihedigbo on the field? The fear of failure. I want to be the best. James lives by his mantra to outwork everyone so he can take advantage of any opportunity put in front of him. And thats why were proud to have James and his indelible athleticism on the P4 Team. Following… read more

Drink This: P4’s Energy Banana-Tangerine Smoothie

P4’s workout supplement Energy Formula isn’t just a pre- or intra-workout energy booster. Sure, high-quality ingredients such as electrolytes, caffeine, a carb-loader and green tea extract allow it to work great in that role but it can also be used whenever you’re in need of more energy. Some athletes even sub Energy Formula for morning… read more

8 Ways To Make Your Memorial Day BBQ Healthier

Don’t allow your Memorial Day barbecue to become your dietary downfall. First, skip the booze. Alcohol metabolizes before food, and those extra, empty calories are often stored as fat. Stick to water, or if you’re going to imbibe in an adult beverage, stick to wine (which has resveratrol, a plant compound, that has been known… read more