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With the current international pandemic affecting the lives of millions, the world is seeing major changes to our daily lives including our habits, careers, entertainment and fitness routines.


With the current international pandemic affecting the lives of millions, the world is seeing major changes to our daily lives including our habits, careers, entertainment and fitness routines. The rapid spread of Covid-19 has caused United States government officials to implement regulations that keep citizens in their homes as much as possible, temporarily shutting down all non-essential businesses and cordoning off non-essential sections of big box stores such as Walmart, Target and Costco to reduce foot traffic. This has caused over 10 million Americans to lose their jobs, large-scale events to be cancelled, all major sports seasons to be postponed or cancelled and students to complete all of their schooling online. Some countries, such as Australia and Dubai, have issued fines for anyone caught outside their home. At the time of this writing, a third of the global population is on coronavirus lockdown. The whole world is witnessing the impact of the virus.

While everyone has been affected in various ways, it is paramount, perhaps now more than ever, to keep a healthy routine during this time of crisis. Your physical and mental health are essential to combating the stress of the pandemic and keeping your immune system strong. Proven4 has teamed up with athletes and fitness enthusiasts with the intent to motivate, educate and demonstrate a variety of innovative ways to remain active at home with their “Stay Safe. Stay Home. Stay Fit” initiative.

The initiative consisted of over 30 professional athletes utilizing the power of social media to support Proven4; their goal was to inspire people to stay active by demonstrating their personal at-home fitness routines via Instagram. Male and female athletes from every sport, physical trainers and fitness enthusiasts alike participated by exemplifying different exercises that can be completed at home with or without equipment.

Detroit Tiger Buck Farmer posted a video displaying his warm-up routine which included Proven4 Pre-Game supplements and a run on his treadmill. Blake Bolden, the first African-American player to compete in the National Women’s Hockey League, revealed her rejuvenation secret by drinking Proven4’s Recovery Formula. Darien Harris, former linebacker and current Michigan State University coach, showcased resistance bands and arm strength training in his at-home workout routine. Chicago Bandit Morgan Zerkle showed how she maintains her lower body strength with lunges using heavy weights and a couch for support.

“I’m excited to team up with P4 for the Stay Safe Stay Home Stay Fit Campaign they are running,” declared Nick Rickles, Olympian and Major League Baseball player, who demonstrated pushups and weight training exercises for the initiative. “We don’t know how long this is going to last. I use the pre-workout and post-workout formulas. Stay active in these times. The priority is to stay safe, but there’s a lot of different things that you can do at home to stay fit.”

Ben Boudro, Fitness trainer and owner of Xceleration Fitness, posted a video describing his customary routine. “I put Proven4 in a bottle and I drink it throughout the day. It has been very helpful. It’s full of healthy carbs and proteins, but it’s also the perfect stuff to help you get through the long workouts.”

Offensive lineman for the University of Florida Gators, Nick Buchanan showed support to the Stay Safe Stay Home Stay Fit initiative by using resistance bands to demonstrate single-arm rows. Coach Mason, a football trainer at Wideout Tech, displayed a method of strength training using barbells on the floor of his living room. Detroit Tiger, Niko Goodrum and retired NFL running back, Joique Bell also joined the initiative by chatting with Proven4 CEO, Shelley Winslow on Instagram live. They discuss the current state of professional sports during the pandemic and how they are staying fit while staying home during this time.

Proven4 supplements are trusted by everyone, from professional athletes to those who just have the desire to exercise. P4 is devoted to the health and well-being of their consumers, which is epitomized by their dedication to the safety of their supplements. You can trust that each bottle of Proven4 purchased is free from banned ingredients and is NSF Certified for Sport, meaning every batch has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that the label is accurate to the contents of the bottle. Be good to your body and fuel it with the necessary nutrients to enhance your performance, accelerate your training and maintain a dynamic, energetic lifestyle during this time.

The Proven4 team would like to wish the best to everyone affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Remember to enjoy this time with your loved ones and focus on your health. Stay Safe. Stay Home. Stay Fit.



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