What’s the flavor of your latest workout drink? Let us guess: “Chocolate”? “Strawberry”? “Vanilla?” Those quotation marks are totally intentional, by the way. Why? Because we all know the minute you take a swig of that faux-flavored workout drink, your brain is having a serious side-conversation with your taste buds about “lowering expectations” and “how… read more

The Many Benefits of Landmine Training!

If you’re unfamiliar with the landmine training device, it’s a relatively small and basic looking piece of equipment that’s probably covered in dust and stuffed into a lonely corner at the gym. Here’s why it’s time to blow the dust off of it: The landmine is a tube/pivot sleeve in which you insert an Olympic… read more

Yoga vs. Pilates? What’s the difference?

More and more professional and top-level athletes are partaking in yoga and Pilates nowadays, including Chicago Cubs ace pitcher Jake Arietta, and mixed martial arts champ Conor McGregor. While both disciplines offer ample benefits, the two activities differ in execution and focus. Yoga is more about full-body stretching and mindful awareness using static holds; it’s… read more

Spooky Health Facts That’ll Scare You Back to the Gym!

Halloween is upon us but even spookier than the creepiest ghoul mask or terrifying scary movie is that in the U.S. roughly 600 million pounds of candy is sold each year for Halloween. What’s more, 90 million pounds of that being chocolate sold the week of. <<Shudder>> If you’re an athlete, active person, or anyone… read more

Protein 101 for Athletes

P4’s sports supplements Pre Game Formula and Energy Formula has you covered when it comes to delivering a huge energy rush before and during a workout; and post-workout, Recovery Push Formula provides caffeine-free energy, electrolytes, and a vitamin matrix that can help aid the recovery process. But protein is another component of the recovery equation.… read more

How Proven4 Proves Their Loyalty To Every Single Customer

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was created in 1999 to combat the use of drugs and doping in sports. Currently, there are enough banned substances to fill eight-pages on WADA’s list. (You can view the entire list here.) Everyday athletes, too, need to be concerned about what goes into their bodies more for health reasons… read more

4 Great Ways Caffeine Can Benefit Lifters

Caffeine has proven benefits for athletes and lifters as an energy enhancer. It might also potentially boost concentration and clear thinking. In fact, some studies suggest that caffeine can even aid athletic performance during endurance activities and make the task at hand seem easier by roughly six percent. More than half of the population consumes caffeine —… read more

Back It Up: 90-Degree Back Extensions

With a typical back extension exercise you stop at 45 degrees; this variation of the movement works the lower back (specifically your erector spinae — the muscles that run the length of your back), lats, glutes, and hamstrings. But when you adjust the angle to 90 degrees you’re targeting more of the muscles you use… read more

Why Fats Should Not Be Feared

Fat is a macronutrient, which is something the body requires in large amounts. That means the whole “Eating fat will make you fat.” doesn’t really hold up. A better statement would be: “Eating junk and saturated fat will make you fat.” But why let facts get in the way of a popular saying? Eating healthy… read more

3 Tips For Buying High-Quality Supplements

It should come as no surprise that there are companies that take short cuts when engineering their formulas for workout supplements. They forgo quality ingredients and attempt to pass cheaper, less effective ones as must-haves when, in reality, what they’re offering isn’t worth the price of admission. Over the past few years “protein spiking” has… read more

6 Tips To Beat A Late-Afternoon Slump

How many of you have walked into work in the a.m. only to leave when it’s pitch black … and it’s not even 5:30 p.m.? It can be tough on motivation, and allow a late-afternoon slump to derail your training. But guess what: your competition isn’t taking days off. So to keep your edge you… read more

Dean Espy on the Power of P4 for Pro Athletes

“As an athlete, it’s an absolute miracle if I can go to the gym or the baseball field and feel 100%.” Says newly retired pro baseball player Dean Espy. “You play 140 or 160 games, and by game 100 you can barely get out of bed. But if you don’t go train, how are you… read more