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Chantae McMillan

McMillan served as team captain on the University of Nebraska track and field team from 2009-2011; during that time she also earned All-American honors for her performance in the Indoor Long Jump and Indoor Pentathlon (’09), Outdoor Heptathlon (‘10), and Indoor Pentathlon (’11); in ’11, she earned second team All-American honors in the Indoor Long Jump.

Her collegiate successes carried over to the 2012 Olympic trials, where she set personal records in five of seven events — 100m hurdles, 200m, shot put, javelin, and 800m. At the London 2012 Olympics, she finished 29th in the women’s heptathlon.

Her upcoming challenges — competing in the 2015 IAAF World Championships in Beijing and the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro — have demanded she spend the next two years sacrificing and training hard."

McMillan explains, "I have to be disciplined and tell myself that I’m sacrificing two years of my life — which isn’t that much in the long run — to get my work done. I put all of my trust into my coach and the program that he brings with him to the track.

McMillan's P4 Program

Pre Game Formula:

Immediately before a workout

Energy Formula:

After a workout begins or sipped on throughout a workout

Recovery Push Formula:

Within 20 minutes following a workout


Chantae McMillan




May 1, 1988




152 lbs.


Clarksville, MO

"I can spend anywhere from an hour to three hours on a track and one to two hours in the weight room. Overall, I lift about four days per week. I take Pre Game Formula right before my workouts, and I usually lollygag until it kicks in. With the Energy Formula, I’ll sometimes try to sip it but it tastes so good sometimes I just can’t."

—Chantae McMillan