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Colin Coughlin

After his freshman football season at Springfield College, 19-year-old Coughlin attended a bobsled combine in Lake Placid, NY. The decision to do so changed the trajectory of his athletic career.

Coughlin continued to elevate his game as he climbed the ranks as a pusher athlete and brakeman before finally achieving his goal of finding a place on Team USA as a pilot. His next challenge: make his debut on the world stage at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics.

Coughlin's P4 Program

Pre Game Formula:

30 min. prior to training on heavy lifting days

Energy Formula:

Four hours into workouts on conditioning days

Recovery Push Formula:

Immediately after every workout

Select Career Highlights

2011-2012: America's Cup (push athlete for Jay Noller, four-man) — 6th Calgary #1: 6th Calgary #2


Colin Coughlin


Bobsled and Skeleton




Sept. 17, 1991




215 lbs.


Fishkill, NY

"Before P4, I relied on products that would fade four to five hours into my workout. P4's Energy Drink Formula helped me get through [those grueling workouts]. It's also NSF Certified for Sport. Olympic athletes have to be careful about what [supplements] we take because once the season starts, you can be tested any time. P4 is developed specifically for athletes to perform better — and perform safely."

—Colin Coughlin