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David Verburg

He’s described as “highly decorated,” and with a record like David’s – including 11 time all American, Junior world champion, NACAC Champion, 2013 World Champion, 2014 Indoor World Champion and Indoor World Record Holder to name a few – you have to wonder if he has any wall space left at all.

“I give [my medals] to my dad,” David says, laughing. “He loves it.”

Right now, David dedicates his time to training for the World Relays, World Championships in Beijing and Rio, of course, running for Adidas and the USA Team.

“But I wasn’t always a standout,” admits David. David first started running track his junior year of high school to stay in shape for soccer and football. But when he saw older friends getting scholarships and planning their futures, he decided it was time to take it seriously. “I thought, ‘you know what, I should actually put my heart into it and see what happens.’” What happened was a #2 placement in the state in the 400M. “I was top 10. All off of just randomly deciding to take track seriously.”

He continued to fly under the radar, earning a 50% scholarship to George Mason where he started out running a 47:15s PR. Then he started dropping times. Started beating bigger name schools. And he had SEC coaches worried when he was anchoring a relay. He graduated George Mason with a 44 PR. And that’s when he realized his future could quite literally be at his feet.

The one thing that sets David apart from his competitors? “I want it more,” he says matter-of-factly. “I’m not the tallest guy. Most are easily 6’ or taller; I’m pushing 5’7” on a good day so people always count me out.” But the home stretch isn’t about that. “The home stretch is always about who wants it more,” says David. “And I do.”

Pre Game Formula:

Every day on the way to practice.

Energy Formula

During his workout, between sets.

Recovery Push Formula

Within 15 minutes of completing a workout.


David Verburg


American Track & Field


400M & 200M


May 14, 1991




156 lbs.


Lynchburg, Virgina