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James Ihedigbo

When you see James Ihedigbo’s level of fitness, you would assume he’s completely fearless. But according to James, he’s fearful of only one thing: The fear of failure. And THAT’s what pushes him to work harder, outwork everyone and persevere no matter what. He wants to be the best, and that’s why he shows up every game. Every day in the gym. Putting in the maximum of all he has to give.

James spent his high school years in Amherst, Massachusetts and played football at Amherst Regional High School where he was a two-time All-Western Massachusetts and All-League selection. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2006 following his role as a senior captain and candidate for the Buck Buchanan Award and a Walter Camp All-American. He also received UMass team MVP for 2006.

James entered the NFL in 2007 where he played for the Jets, Patriots and Ravens before coming to the Detroit Lions.

At this point in James’s career, he trains harder than ever, taking his time in the gym and in practice very seriously. James describes his most intense day in the gym: "I start with typical warm-ups, getting the body loose, then circuit training: dumbbell, bench, 150-200 lb. tire flips and slide board alternate push-ups. They'll couple all of that with 300-yard shuttles. It's an insane day,” says James. “You'll go through your circuit then finish with the 300-yard shuttle, and do that three to four times. Probably three hours total workout from the time you walk in the door, and after that then you want to cool down, stretch, get your P4 Recovery, which is vital. You're draining so much, and they don't want you to slack at all so everything's full ‘go.’ You're training your body to go 100% max for three straight hours."

All so he can take advantage of every opportunity to showcase his strength. "Opportunities are a key to life. Put an opportunity in front of me, and I'll make the best of it,” he says without waver.

That’s why he loves integrating P4 into his workout. "I take P4 Pre Game and Recovery Push. I like the way it makes me feel. I've used supplements before and they always made me feel funny. I just didn’t feel myself. With P4 I feel myself while still getting the energy that I need. My workouts are so intense, P4 gives me the energy I need to fight through every workout."

“My work ethic and drive to be the best,” says James, are the difference makers in his career, and the fuel that helped push him to his biggest accomplishment of becoming a Super Bowl champion.


James Ihedigbo


Professional Football


Strong Safety


Dec. 3, 1983




214 lbs.


Amherst, Massachusetts