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Joique Bell

Joique Bell is a proud Michigan native and graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit. As a Senior at Wayne, he was recognized as the Division II player of the year and always had his sights set on playing for the pros. He entered the NFL in 2010 where he played for the Bills, the Eagles, the Colts and the Saints before finding his niche back home with the Detroit Lions. Bell’s mantra, "Benton Harbor raised me, but Detroit made me," defines his connection with the place he calls "home." All those who know Bell would credit his incredible work ethic, passion and commitment to himself, his teammates and his son as the inspiration and motivation for his success.

In fact, those characteristics were recognized this year when Bell received the Ed Block Courage Award for sportsmanship and overcoming injury/adversity to excel on the field. From trainers to teammates, everyone recognized that Joique has not only demonstrated his ability to power through injuries over the past two seasons; he’s also motivated fellow teammates and people around him with his dedication to serve the greater Detroit community.

Having the strength and energy to power through has a lot to do with how conscientious Bell is about how he fuels his body. "At any level, you put trash in, you get trash results. Your body is just like a vehicle. If you put the wrong thing into it, it won’t work. That’s why I do my research. I do my due diligence on what I put into my body."

Between the gym, practice and game day, Bell is pushing his body to its limits up to 12 hours in a single day. "I take P4 Pregame 20 minutes prior to my workout to give it time to get into my system. It definitely gives you clean energy. And when I’m done working out, I don’t crash. It get’s my mind right before a game."

Bell’s performance and the influence of the city around him set him apart from competitors. "Detroit is my home. That’s what sets me apart. I’m playing for more. I’ve been here through the hard times and the struggles. When you take a player’s passion for the game and then you add it to the passion he has for his community, it gives you more motivation." Bell says there’s a certain type of pride that goes along with being a "Michigan kid" and playing in Detroit. "Detroit started from the bottom now we’re working our way back up. That, in a nutshell, is what’s happening with my career."

But despite his successes on the field, ask Bell his biggest accomplishment, and he won’t miss a beat: "Having my son is my biggest accomplishment. He just turned 9, and he’s in the stands for every game."


Joique Bell


Professional Football


Running Back


Aug. 4, 1986




229 lbs.


Benton Harbor, MI