Morgan Zerkle,
A PROVEN4 Athlete

“My sport has made me more resilient by teaching me failure. Six out of 10 times, the best softball players are still not reaching base safely. When you play a sport with that much failure, you’re forced to learn to handle defeat and frustration while adjusting to become better next time.”



Small towns raise some of the most gifted athletes, and there is no one quite like Morgan Zerkle. Her talent was cultivated in Milton, West Virginia — the great outdoors was her playground! From camping and gymnastics to softball, she was made in the fields and forests of that sleepy town.

While adventure was found outdoors, her passion for a little healthy competition emerged early on when she began competing in the sports she loved so much. Her young talent and determination prepared her for years of training that eventually found Morgan a collegiate athlete.

With a stellar collegiate career at Marshall University, her record is brimming with accomplishments such as an All-American leading the nation in stolen bases and being drafted into the National Pro Fastpitch league and joining Team USA in 2017.

An equally impressive, yet groundbreaking accomplishment came when Morgan was awarded the Chad Pennington Leadership Award Winner in college. Typically only reserved for football players and male athletes, she was the first female to receive the honor!

Most recently Morgan was able to participate in the inaugural season of Athletes Unlimited, a pro softball league that took off this summer amidst COVID, finishing fifth out of 57 athletes. With some of her bonus, she was able to give back and donate to the Natasha Watley Foundation.

Being an athlete isn’t, she would attest, only accolades and highlights because most accomplishments are born through adversity. It’s struggling through daunting workouts at zero dark thirty and pushing your body and mind to the limit, when relaxing and sleeping in seem all the more enticing.

Failure and adversity are no stranger to Morgan, but as a result, it has fostered a strong mindset and even stronger work ethic, with grace sewn into her resilience. Despite appearances, no athlete is perfect, and challenging moments make us even stronger.

While being an athlete is a part of who Morgan is, it’s also important to expand beyond just sports. Sports has taught her valuable life skills that translate off the softball field. Things like being able to work well with others, how to lead in the workforce, and recovering from setbacks are all skills that she was able to develop in her pursuit of athletics.

But Morgan’s not even close to stopping, and she has so many other accomplishments in her sight. From continuing playing softball and getting stronger in the sport to honing her leadership skills and coaching players, she always keeps a running list of big dreams and goals.

Being an athlete and a coach is still a very large part of Morgan’s daily life — she always gets in a good workout and has her nutrition dialed, but when she’s not focused on training, she loves a good hike or spending time with her parents in West Virginia.

In her training, her warmup includes hip and shoulder mobility, adding in a dynamic warmup and plyometrics to get her heart rate up. And, how does Morgan fuel her fitness? With Proven4 products!

Morgan implements Proven4 workout and recovery products because of their emphasis on sport. She trains with a purpose and goal at the other end and needs a product that can support her every step of the way. Her favorite product is the Cherry Limeade Pre-Game, and loves a variety of other products for energy and recovery after workouts or games.

From a small-town outdoor enthusiast to a successful collegiate athlete, Morgan Zerkle has so much in store as both an athlete and a coach!