Niko Goodrum,
A PROVEN4 Athlete

“There’s a lot that goes into it, especially mentally. Anyone can go out and work out.”



For over 150 years, baseball has been known as the American pastime. Recently, football has become a formidable challenger for that title, but year after year people still flock to baseball stadiums for the wonder, awe and traditions of this sport. The physical demands of baseball are often undersold, as are the determination and mental endurance required to maintain a baseball career.
Niko Goodrum, a Major League Baseball short stop for the Detroit Tigers who spent 8 years in the minor leagues, can attest to the many challenges athletes in this field must face. “There’s a lot that goes into it, especially mentally. Anyone can go out and work out.” Goodrum was first scouted as a freshman in high school, approached as a sophomore, and drafted into the minor leagues at age 18 in 2010. It was during his time there that Niko faced the biggest challenges of his career.“ The minor leagues are tough. In those 8 years you’re just wondering if you’re actually going to make it. People stop believing in you.”

Thanks to the advantages Proven4 supplements provide, along with his exceptional physical ability and mental determination, Goodrum has been able to maintain a successful major league career for the past 3 years. During the season, Niko uses the Pre-Game Formula 30 minutes before every game to boost his energy levels. Afterwards, his trainer has a bottle of the Recovery Formula made for him in his locker to replenish what his body lost during the game. He is not alone; Major League Baseball has been a huge supporter of Proven4 products since their inception. According to Niko, “just about everyone” has P4. Their Pre-game, Energy and Recovery formulas are an integral part of many athletes’ fitness routines.

Despite the global pandemic we are facing, staying up to professional fitness standards is essential for any athlete. Aided by Proven4’s specialized formulas, Goodrum continues his daily 2-hour workouts from home, stretching, running around his neighborhood and utilizing his home gym.

It is well known that fitness encompasses so much more than diet and exercise; overall health requires a holistic approach involving body, mind and spirit. Goodrum has made his faith in God very apparent, describing his abilities on the field as “God-given.” “There is no way it was me. I know who did this, I know who gets the glory as a fact.” His body is a canvas showcasing his beliefs. “All of my tattoos’ purpose is to expose you to God. You have to ask me exactly what they mean. Once I tell you, I expose it to you…From then on its up to you to find a relationship with Him…” One such example of his bodily tapestry is an old barren tree with a crown of thorns wrapped around the trunk, adorned with scales that combine two quotes, ‘The truth will always find light.’ “Pain is a necessary process,” Niko explains. “The tree still grew even with those thorns.”

There has been some debate as to how current events will affect professional sports in the long run, but Niko remains optimistic, believing they will bounce back. “The most important thing is staying healthy…you have to live.” As for his post-pandemic goals, Niko plans to continue playing in the big leagues for at least 10 years before opening an indoor sports facility. “There has never been something I set out doing that I haven’t achieved. I’m living out my purpose…”Every athlete has a unique story to tell, but the common theme behind every story is perseverance.