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Proven 4 Pre-Workout – NSF CERTIFIED FOR SPORT®


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Proven 4 Pre-game Formula is a potent pre workout supplement that’s designed to provide athletes of all levels an edge in their performance; supporting endurance, strength, and stamina. Add one scoop (8 g) to 8 oz. of water prior to your workout or game for the best pre workout supplement to fuel your performance. You should not consume more than 200mg of caffeine every 4 hours.

Nourish your body and fuel your workout with our pre-workout supplements!

Reduce exhaustion, both mentally and physically, and power through your workout when you add pre-game by Proven 4 to your workout.

Energy support | Endurance support | Stamina support | Focus support | Strength support

With a clean formula that is packed with pure ingredients and NSF Certified for Sport®, our pre-workout formula supports your body and its most complex processes, all while promoting mental focus to help you power through your workout and build strength.

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What is in Pre-Game Formula?

The NSF International is an independent third party testing and certification company that tests dietary supplements for label claims. Getting the green light to put “NSF Certified for Sport®” mark on our Energy Formula label means the product has met NSF’s comprehensive testing guidelines and is label-claim-verified.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The Best Results

"I take Proven4 Fruit Punch before every workout. It helps me the most on the days I don’t have as much motivation. One scoop and it gets me in that zone to get the best results out of my body!"


5 Stars


Top notch!

"Proven 4 has been my favorite pre workout drink since 2014. It gets you going without the extra additives in the mix. Proven 4 Sport is the only product I advise my clients to use. Top notch!"


Keeps My Energy and Endurance At Peak Level

"I love the outdoors. I use Proven 4 pre game and energy formula for all my activities to keep my energy and endurance at peak level for my racing, biking, hiking and my workouts at the gym."



"I love P4 pre workout! I take it before games and lifts and it gives me that extra boost to compete."


5 Stars

"Using P4 before workouts helps me get the most out of my lifts during a long baseball season."


Helps Me Maintain Energy

"As a professional baseball player, P4’s pre-workout plays a huge role in my training and helps me maintain my energy throughout the long baseball games."


Definitely Recommend

"P4 is a great product, it helps me through my workouts and compete throughout the baseball season. Definitely recommend it!"



"Awesome product found it from a friend of mine. Tastes amazing."


Great Taste

"Have been using P4 Pre-game for workouts and has been part of my pre-game this season. Gives me the energy needed to perform. Has a great taste and is one of the few NSF certified pre-game products. Thank you P4."


Gives Me A Jump Start

"Proven4 gives me a jump start and provides me with sustained endurance for more effective workouts!"


Safe Products

"Shelley and her crew at Proven have always taken good care of us. The make sure their product is safe to take for athletes."



"I love P4 because it provides the pre workout lift that I need in a safe and trustworthy product."


I Love It

"I’ve been using P4 for over two years now and I love the Pre-game…it helps me “get up and go” in the morning. When I don’t have my P4 my workouts suffer. Keep make it and you will have a customer!"

Richard A

Great Energy

"I have been using p4 for 4 years now, I have great energy when I do my workouts."


Highly Recommend

"I have used all the Proven 4 products for several years. I alternate the products from day to day to keep my body a bit confused! Its great for going to the gym or taking a long bike ride! The Recovery product helps build muscle and reduces any post work out soreness. I highly recommend these products!!"


5 Stars

I’ve used Proven 4 over the last 5 years & wouldn’t consider switching products. The athletes I coach & train are now using the same Proven 4 products as me!


The Best

"The players & coaches alike use pre-game & post-game formulas to improve performance & recovery. Best products money can buy!"


Gets Me Going

"Every day P4 gets me going before my early morning workout…40 pounds lost later! Don’t stop making your products! Can’t wait for the Watermelon flavor!"



"As a professional baseball player the P4 preworkout is essential to my off field training. I use it both in the weight room and out doing agilities. It has increased my awareness and performance both on and off the field, in my time with the Giants."


My Favorite

"I’ve used P4 Pre-Game formula and it’s always been my favorite pre-workout that I recommend for all of my players or anyone who asks. Recently, I’ve started using the Recovery formula and it’s become another product that I will recommend!"


Real Results

"P4 has kept me focused and in the game. It’s in all the lockers. If your on the fence with all the competitors, choose proven4 if you want real results."


I Would Recommend It To Anyone

"I started using P4 about two years ago. A friend of mine referred me to P4; he said that it made a huge difference for him, especially during the season, so I decided to try it myself and found that it helped me just as much. Originally, I used it just before workouts, then I started using it before games also. I immediately noticed that my workouts became more intense and productive. Taking it before each of my starts helped my body to wake up and get focused before each game and I noticed a significant improvement in my energy level while I was on the field. I haven’t started taking the recovery formula yet but I’m looking forward to trying it out also. I now never go a workout or start without having my P4 with me and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to take their game to the next level."


I Love It!

"I love my Proven4 pre workout! Never go to the gym without it!!!"

Barrett – April 28, 2020


"Great products. Great customer service."


Keeps Me Focused

"P4 always keeps me focused and energized on game days when I need that extra boost for middle of summer baseball when I’ve been sitting in bullpen ready to go. I usually take pregame around 6th inning and feel the energy come to me for when I come in the 8th inning or so."

Derek – April 28, 2020


"Service was great and products are great."



"I have been playing professional baseball for the past 7 years and I have tried many NSF certified pre-workout products. Nothing compares to P4 Pregame formula. It gives me the most sustained energy throughout my lift, without the jitters or crash like other products tend to do. I will continue to use P4 throughout the rest of my career. Thanks P4!!!"


I Love P4

"I love P4. I Didn’t know anything about the product until my teammate gave me a sample of the blueberry and fruit punch product. It was giving me a crazy tingly itchy feeling but i loved it. Woke me up and got amped and was ready to put some work. Whats even better is i dont get wired throughout the day or night like i usually do with other energy drinks or pre-workouts. Best of all is legal in sports!!!!!"


5 Stars

Great product…keep it up!


I Use It Before Every Workout

"I use the pre workout before every workout and haven’t stopped using proven 4 for years now!"


Takes You to The Next Level

"Proven 4 pre-game formula has always taken me to levels otherwise unreachable."

Taylor W


"I love the preworkout and energy formulas."


Nothing Compares to P4

"I have tried my fair share of pre workout and none of them compare to the P4 pre game formula.I know I’m not alone in this as almost all my teammates refuse to go into a game before downing some P4."


Will Get You Jacked

"Love P4! This preworkout will get you jacked!"


Great Product

"We’re just finishing up the first half of our minor league season, so things start to become a grind at this point. However, the P4 Pregame Formula has prevented me from slowing down, and has helped me be prepared for all games and in-season workouts. Great product that gives you an extra boost when you need it the most."


Must Have

"Love the product! Must have for myself before I take the mound or workout!"



"My wife uses proven4 pre workout before her games & she’s unstoppable"


It's Great

"I have used P4 while playing baseball and it is a great pre workout that gets me right before I lift."



"Love this stuff. Its a must during competition."

Beckett Mays






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