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Golf is a way of life — leverage your skills and abilities with Proven4!

For those entrenched in the sport of golf, it’s not only a hobby or just a sport — it’s a pursuit and a way of life! Proven4 is here for your passion, to elevate your game and sustain you whether you’re playing a round of nine or 18 holes.

Learn more about how Proven4 can play a role in your next round of golf!

Proven4 workout supplements can help usher in your competitive edge as a golfer!

  • Precision
  • Fortitude
  • Focus
  • Performance

Improve Your Golf Game With Proven4 Sports Supplements


Golf is a sport unlike any other — not only do you have the physical component, but your mental prowess has to be on point to be successful — and, without one, you can’t have the other.

This is why it’s vital that you feel physically good and can perform your best so that you’re able to focus on other more mentally challenging parts of the game.

Don’t Tee Off Without Proven4

Whether you’re on the green or in the gym, Proven4 sports supplements can benefit your golf game. And, it’s not just for professional athletes! Yes, Proven4 is NSF Certified For Sport®, meaning it tests for 270+ banned substances, ensuring a safe, clean product — but anyone can benefit from our workout supplements. From professional and collegiate golfers to those that never miss their early morning tee times, Proven4 fuels your training!


Golf demands a precision like no other sport and it’s immediately penalizing — it can be devastating if your accuracy is even slightly off. Because of this precision, you need a workout supplement that won’t leave you feeling jittery, potentially sabotaging your stroke play.

When you mix our energy formula, you get sustained energy that’s fluid and never shaky, so you can feel confident making all your shots.


For someone who has never played a round of golf, it may look relaxed and laid back, but don’t let that fool you. Golfers put in just as much training as any other sport because it demands a lot from them.

There is a great deal of athleticism in golf — not only are you potentially walking a lot in various weather conditions that can range from warm and sunny to windy and rainy, but you may be carrying your own equipment. Needless to say, there is a lot of cardio, strength, and flexibility required in golf.

As a golfer, you need the fortitude to grind through tough weather and hours of walking and carrying around your gear, not to mention, actually golfing! This is where Proven4 can give you the edge.

For enduring energy throughout — whether you’re training to improve your fitness or you’re out on the course — Proven4 sports supplements have you covered.


When you’re not consumed by how you feel physically, you can focus your energy on the mental aspect of your golf game. Proven4 supports healthy energy levels, stamina, hydration, and more, so you can have a mental clarity that aids in your success and helps you achieve all of your goals.


Leverage your overall performance — mental and physical — with sports supplements from Proven4. With ingredients such as electrolytes, BCAAs, and other supportive vitamins and minerals, you can depend on a formula that aids in every part of your training — before an early morning training session with our Proven4 Pre-Game Formula, during a long 18-hole practice with our Proven4 Energy Formula, or after a long day of drilling skills and working on your strength, there’s our Proven4 Recovery Push.

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All of our sport supplement products are NSF Certified For Sport® for those who comply with WADA and USADA. They’re tested for 270+ banned substances and label-claim verified. Not only do you get a product that fuels your body, but you get one that uses the best clean ingredients around.

Proven4 fuels your passion and leverages your training! Explore our products or use all three to support you on and off the course.

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