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Grueling workouts and demanding games can leave you depleted. Level up your fitness with sports workout products that improve stamina, enhance strength, and help you recover faster.


Why choose an NSF Certified For Sport® product?

  • Label-claim verified
  • 100% accuracy
  • Rigid quality control
  • USADA-compliant
  • Tested for 270+ banned substances
  • GMP registered and audited

Clean ingredients, scientifically-backed, NSF Certified For Sport® workout supplements for hockey players.


Hockey demands a lot from our bodies, no matter the level you’re playing at — professional, collegiate, high school, or recreational — it’s a mixture of high-intensity movement followed by passive recovery periods. With short, explosive efforts, anaerobic power is needed to excel at this sport. 

With a combination of short sprinting periods and passive skating, a hockey player can skate up to four miles in any given game, relying on an efficient VO2 max and responding to a lactate increase in their muscles.


Enhance Hockey Training With Proven4


How we fuel our bodies matter, especially in the demanding sport of hockey — so, if you want to be an elite player, you need to treat your body accordingly. Not only is it in the food you eat, but the supplements you consume. 

If you’ve ever hit a wall during training or during a game, it’s likely because you didn’t prepare well enough. Maybe you ate poorly leading up to the big game or you didn’t supplement with the right things — it’s these details that can make all the difference in your performance. If you want to avoid a crash, stay well-fueled. 


Proven4 Products For Hockey


When it comes to sports supplement products, it can be the wild west — there’s really no one agency governing what’s going into the products and in a billion-dollar industry, keeping up with new products and companies can be tough — everyone wants a piece of the pie and are creating sub-par and oftentimes dangerous sports supplement products. 


Proven4 is different. 


We didn’t create workout supplements to make money, but to support those in sports perform better with a product they could trust. After all, we’re athletes ourselves!

Proven4 is different from the sports supplements industry because quality is at the forefront of what we do. Each product is meticulously tested and carries the label NSF Certified For Sport®. 


Why is the NSF Certified For Sport® label important? 


This label is everything! You know that when a product carries this label the ingredients are good. There’s no guessing and you can rest assured that if it’s NSF Certified For Sport®, what’s on the label is exactly what’s in the product and vice versa! 

The NSF tests for over 270 banned substances to help keep you compliant with WADA and other anti-doping entities.

Learn more about NSF Certified For Sport® label.   

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