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Which Sports Can Benefit From Recovery BCAA?

Recovery is a crucial aspect of any sports training regimen. To optimize your body’s ability to bounce back after intense workouts or competitions, incorporating the right supplements is key. Proven4’s NSF Certified for Sport® Recovery BCAA sports supplement is a game-changer in promoting muscle recovery, hydration, reducing soreness, and enhancing performance. Explore four sports where… read more

Four Signs You Need to Start Using Pre-Workout

When reaching your fitness goals, having an edge in your performance is crucial. That’s where pre-workout supplements come into play. Specifically, Proven4’s NSF Certified for Sport® Pre-Game Formula pre-workout powder can give you the boost necessary to take your training to the next level. Learn four signs that indicate it’s time to add a pre-workout… read more

Our Workout Supplements Are NSF Certified for Sport®

  In the world of fitness and athletic performance, achieving your goals often requires the use of workout supplements to support your training regimen. At Proven 4, we are thrilled to share the importance of NSF certification for our workout supplements. As a leading brand in the fitness industry, our team is committed to providing… read more

Why Aren’t Supplements Regulated By The FDA Like Drugs Are?

Review the call for supplement regulations and why it’s vital to know what’s in your sports supplements!   The dietary supplement industry remains steady and continues to grow in revenue every year, largely as a result of the fact that just about any product can go to market without being verified and tested for purity,… read more

How Does A Sports Supplement Become NSF Certified For Sport®?

Learn more about the process and how to identify an NSF Certified For Sport® product!   The sports supplement industry is an ever-revolving door — one product in and another out — where new supplements are introduced at an alarming rate, with no signs of slowing. In such a fast-paced industry, it’s difficult for consumers… read more

Recognizing Red Flags As A Clean Sport Athlete (Part Two)

Using banned substances effects your health and reputation as an athlete which is why it’s vital to know all the red flags!   The conversation about doping and using banned substances as an athlete is vast and a relevant one to discuss. In part one, we began the dialogue by scrutinizing the role an athlete… read more

Recognizing Red Flags As A Clean Sport Athlete (Part Three)

Once you recognize the red flags of sports products with potentially banned substances, you can better protect your health and reputation as an athlete.   In part two, we began our exploration into the red flags that can come up as we navigate sports products that support our athletic endeavors.    At Proven4, all of… read more

Recognizing Red Flags As A Clean Sport Athlete (Part One)

Athletes often want the upper hand in their sport, but it’s important to stay aware of the substances they take.    Both semi-professional and professional athletes encounter strict rules on doping and many are subject to anti-doping rules which makes it imperative that they stay cognizant and ahead of any red flags when it comes… read more