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“I’m just eager to finally live out my dreams and play with some of the best in the league.”


Trishton Jackson, a collegiate athlete who performed at the 2020 NFL Combine, recently announced that he is proud to have Proven4 as his official sports supplement.

Trishton enjoyed an impressive college football career, playing two seasons at Michigan State University and one season at Syracuse University, where he set the record for the most receiving yards by a junior in the school’s history.

From a very young age, Trishton knew that he wanted to play professional football, and he has worked towards that goal for most of his life. He stated in a recent interview that in his entire football career, he is most proud of overcoming adversity and becoming a leader that his team can look up to.

Although it is estimated that less than 4% of eligible Division 1 college football players will actually be drafted into the NFL, those odds aren’t stopping Trishton. He as he tested his abilities, pushed his limits and put his full efforts into the 7-week intensive training and in his combine performance.

He impressed judges and athletes alike and got a very special acknowledgment from NFL legend Cris Carter who tweeted, “My guy Trishton was very impressive at the #NFL2020Combine. Faster than anticipated, great route runner, soft hands and a better person. NFL coaches love him. See you at the #NFLdraft in Vegas.”

“In the 2020 NFL combine, I am looking forward to showcasing my talents and standing out in a numerous amount of ways. I want to show how smooth I can be with my routes, how fast I can run, showcase my strong hands and my ability to get in and out of breaks, all of the things it takes to be an NFL receiver,” Trishton described before the combine. He did just that and became the sixth best out of Syracuse for the 40-yard dash at 4.5 seconds. He also had the third best broad jump among all of the receivers at 117 inches.

It takes even the most skilled athletes all of their energy, endurance, stamina, focus and strength to make it to achieve League status. Lucky for Trishton Jackson, he has the Proven4 advantage with the Pre-Game, Energy and Recovery formulas on his side.

Trishton possesses all of the benefits that come along with taking Proven4 supplements for the entirety of his training. Using all three of Proven4’s specialized formulas to assist him with his workouts, he pits himself against some of the most impressive football players in the world. Topend Sports has declared American Football to be the third most difficult sport in the world, based on the talent it requires to play and how tough it is on the athletes’ bodies. NFL Combine training consists of weeks of intense daily workouts and holistic care and maintenance provided by athletic trainers and physicians.

“Proven4 most definitely gave me a competitive advantage for the 2020 NFL Combine. The Pre-Game, Energy and Recovery formulas are everything that I need to be a successful athlete and replenish my body,” Trishton noted.

Proven4 powers Trishton in the gym and on the field. He begins a typical day of training with self-reflection, a healthy meal and Proven4’s Pre-Game Formula, specifically designed to kickstart energy levels, promote mental clarity and tackle muscle fatigue.

“Every day is a constant grind to get better, mentally and physically,” Trishton expressed. “Proven4’s Pre-Game Formula pushes me throughout the warmup and keeps me activated for my whole workout.”

The American College of Sports Medicine has deemed the warmup the most important part of any workout; by increasing heart rate and blood flow to the working muscles, the body is prepared for exercise. Trishton Jackson relies on Proven4’s Pre-Game Formula to set his body into motion, train longer, build muscle and play harder from the start of his workouts all the way through to the end.

Energy, endurance, stamina and hydration are all critical elements when it comes to keeping a body moving in any high-intensity workout. Trishton uses Proven4’s Energy Formula in order to test his limits and continually perform at his peak. The Energy Formula is powered by carb loaders, electrolytes, caffeine and taurine to help Trishton feel powerful and fight fatigue all the way through the fourth quarter.

“The Proven4 Energy Formula is similar to the Pre-Game Formula but more intense,” Trishton relates. “It keeps me pushing and keeps me motivated to get that last rep in.”

Equally important to the warmup in football training is the recovery, or cool-down portion. It is vital to reduce heart and breathing rates, cool the body’s temperature, relax muscles and restore physiologic systems to a baseline. While recovering from an intense training session, Trishton utilizes the Proven4 Recovery Push Formula, which uses vitamins and carbohydrates to stimulate the body’s recovery process. Subsequently, he will stretch, roll out his muscles, undergo a physical examination, use the hot tub, receive a massage and enjoy a balanced meal prepared by his chef.

Trishton, along with countless other professional athletes, can put their trust in Proven4’s results and clean ingredients. The creators of Proven4 acknowledge the significance of what goes into our most important machine, our body; they have set their product apart by securing its status as NSF Certified For Sport®. In 2018 over 700 supplement companies were discovered using unauthorized pharmaceutical ingredients, 97% of which were not listed on the labeling. Due to the FDA not enforcing restrictions on supplements, NSF Certified For Sport® supplement products set the industry standard by adhering to strict guidelines; keeping ingredients free of banned substances, limiting caffeine amounts and discouraging false claims. With Proven4, Trishton can take a pre-workout, energy and recovery supplement without the worry of potentially harmful substances contaminating it.

Proven4 is proven for professional athletes and proven for you. Follow the journey of Trishton Jackson, wide receiver, as he uses the Proven4 advantage in preparation of the most formidable challenge of his career, making it into the 2020 NFL Draft.



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