3 Reasons Your Health & Career Need NSF Certification for Sport®

NSF Certified for Sport® endorsement is. So. Important. It’s an extensive process to achieve NSF Certified for Sport® certification, but it remains the number-one priority of the founders of Proven 4 sports supplements. And these… these are the reasons we do it.

1. Florida starting QB out for 2015 season Florida starting quarterback Will Grier could sit out up to a full year after testing positive for a banned substance. Grier said his positive test had been caused by an over-the-counter sports supplement that he neglected to run by his Gators medical staff before ingesting. “I really hope that people can learn from my mistake,” said Grier. And here’s your opportunity. We encourage you to discover all of the reasons why NSF Certified for Sport Certification is a must for workout supplements, and how P4 is helping collegiate and professional athletes know exactly what they’re putting in their bodies.

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2. The risk is real across NCAA schools.

NCAA bylaws state that positive banned substance tests result in a calendar year-long ban, which would mean athletes who test positive mid-year could miss a portion of the 2016 campaign as well. That could be a career-rocking blow, particularly for more senior NCAA athletes. If you’re an athlete, join team P4 and get the energy that comes with the confidence of knowing our products are banned-substance-free.

3. DMAA is banned,but is still finding its way into products.

DMAA, an ingredient found in some workout supplements and banned by federal regulators in 2013, is still being found in some products. “That means it’s very important to read dietary supplement product labels carefully to make sure yours doesn’t contain this potentially dangerous ingredient,” HPRC officials stated in a news release.

DMAA is advertised as a fat-burner or body-sculpting product but is known to elevate blood pressure, cause health problems including heart attacks and shortness of breath, and was raised as a concern in the death of at least two military soldiers. In fact, the FDA received 86 reports of illnesses or death associated with DMAA before requiring manufacturers to remove DMAA products from the market.

As a result, the Defense Department removed DMAA products from military exchanges and on-base GNC stores. “Not only could it be dangerous to your health, it could also be dangerous to your military career,” HPRC officials wrote on their website. And yet, DMAA has not yet been completely eliminated from the market. This is another testament to the value of NSF Certified for Sport certification. This certification not only ensures Proven 4 is banned-substance-free, it also ensures that the ingredients listed on the label are exactly what’s in the bottle. And that’s a game-changer.

Here, find nearly 40 products containing DMAA as noted by the Human Performance Resource Center.

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It’s simple. Don’t trust workout supplements that only say they’re free of banned substances. The NSF Certified for Sport® program verifies our Proven 4 sports supplements are banned substance free as well as every other claim we have printed on our label. The NSF is a group dedicated to keeping dietary and supplement companies honest by holding them accountable, so acquiring the NSF’s Certified for Sport® mark means:

•The product has passed a rigorous testing process.

•All claims on the label are 100% accurate.

•Each and every FDA-mandated cGMPs and rigid quality-control procedure was followed.

Avoid the risk.  Grab your NSF Certified P4 pre workout, energy and recovery supplements here.