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4 New Goals For The New Year

According to research from the University of Scranton, the most common New Year’s Resolution for 2014 was to lose weight. Trouble is, the majority doesn’t make it to the finish line. People in their 20s found success roughly 40 percent of the time, while the success rate for people over the age of 50 nosedived to 14 percent.

How can you make a goal and stick to it? One, set specific and achievable goals; two, monitor your progression regularly. With exercise and fitness, that means keeping a detailed workout log and gutting it out when you’ve hit a rut.We’ve listed a handful of things people who train hard might want to accomplish in the New Year. And with hard work, laser-beam focus, and P4’s line of NSF Certified for Sport workout supplements like Pre Game Formula, Energy Formula, and Recovery Push Formula, you can absolutely get there.

#1. Decrease Overall Body Fat

Starving yourself isn’t going to get the job done. Crash diets? Nah. They can actually slow metabolism, elevate risks to your heart health, and leave your body in need of essential vitamins and nutrients. A better option is to eat clean, track your caloric intake and up your cardio. If that’s too involved, another option is to leave the scale out of it and rely on visuals. Take weekly photographs at the same time in the same spot each week. That way the lighting doesn’t change and you’re looking at yourself from the same angle. If you’re slacking, the photos won’t lie.

#2. Beef Up Your Biceps By An Inch

If you want a specific body part to grow you’re going to need to give that muscle more attention. A period of training your biceps two or three times per week for up to four weeks should do the trick. Just be sure to give yourself 48 hours rest between working out the muscle to allow for recovery. Also, mix and match your techniques. Do standard sets, but throw in dropsets, giant sets, supersets, and

other non-traditional methods that will shock the muscle and spur the growth you’re looking for. Finally, you’ll want the best pre-workout supplement you can find to ensure you’re getting the most out of each and every rep. P4’s Pre Game Formula will supply a long-lasting energy blast while delivering muscle-and strength boosting ingredients like creatine, CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine®, and arginine.

#3. Revamp A Boring Diet

Aim to eat 25-35 different and healthy foods per week. This will ensure you’re getting the proper nutrition while opening you up to new foods and recipes. Use this template: feature a new veggie, fruit, and protein for each meal. Shakes count, too.

#4. Improve Vascularity

The leaner you are, the more vascular you’ll be. Point being: get your body fat under 10 percent mark. Stay hydrated, keep your good carb intake high, and up the intensity and reps for a two to three-week period.

Two P4 sports supplements that include quality carbs: Energy Drink Formula and Recovery Push Formula. Both utilize KarboLyn®, a fast-digesting carbohydrate that digests easy and serves as a lasting energy source. To ensure you’re covered start to finish, use the P4 trio in sequence: Pre Game Formula pre-workout, Energy Formula while you train, and Recovery Push post-workout.


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