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5 Meatless Ways To Get Your Protein

A diet that’s high in protein is essential for rebuilding muscle and aiding recovery efforts. However, some athletes don’t want to consume meat, possibly due to things such as moral conflicts or questionable farming practices. So, then, where do they turn for protein? Many opt for protein shakes that feature whey or casein, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But a diet that mainly consists of whole foods is your best bet. Turn to these five foods the next time you want to give yourself a break from meat:

#1. Tofu

This soybean-based food, also known as bean curd, is a staple in many Asian diets; it’s lower in fat than meat and has been shown to reduce cholesterol. What’s more, tofu is also inexpensive and versatile.

#2. Tempeh

Like tofu, this soy product adapts well to a variety of dishes. It offers a satisfying meat-like texture, which makes it a solid choice for people getting acclimated to plant-based diets. Three ounces of tempeh can provide 16 grams of protein along with healthy doses of iron and calcium.

#3. Hemp Seeds

These are the new stars of the veggie protein universe thanks to their impressive nutritional stats. These seeds supply healthy fats, a dose of fiber and five grams of protein per serving. Perhaps best of all, hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids —a rarity among meatless protein sources.

#4. Farro

If you’re looking for a meat alternative that provides more protein than brown rice or quinoa, consider farro. This ancient grain, used in Italian cooking for centuries, is low in gluten and high in fiber. Its nutritional profile includes tension-relieving magnesium and other minerals as well as complex carbs to stabilize energy levels.

#5. Cricket Flour

Although it may qualify as the most exotic protein source on our list, cricket flour is extremely nutritious. Packed with protein and iron, the protein powder is made from milled (aka ground up) crickets. But don’t worry: it doesn’t taste like mashed up thorax and bug guts. The flour’s nutty flavor — which many say tastes like a combo of buckwheat and hazelnut — is also lauded for its low environmental impact.

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