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5 Reasons to use Workout Supplements

Ever wonder why so many people are using Workout Supplements nowadays? The benefits are well researched and documented! If you want to maximize your gains you need a full featured plan in place, one that includes much more than just hitting the gym. You need to take diet, workouts, rest, and workout supplements into account. Each piece of the puzzle is just as important as the rest. Here are 5 reasons you should be taking supplements:

1. Prepare your body for your workout with pre-workout supplements. This class of supplements gives you extra energy and focus and prepares your muscles for the strain you are about to put on them. With proper supplements you can achieve stronger lifts with better pumps.

2. Break through plateaus. By utilizing pre and intra workout supplements you can sustain the energy needed to break through your physical and mental barriers.

3. Increase your overall endurance. Workout longer, harder and more efficiently!

4. Decrease muscle breakdown. Certain supplements will help your body to avoid major muscle breakdown. This can lead to greater overall muscle growth in the long term.

5. Speed up muscle breakdown. This relates directly to number 4. If your muscles recover faster they will have more time to repair and grow.

Hopefully this was a good intro to the benefits of workout supplements. Remember, they are just one piece of the overall plan to achieve better fitness. If you truly want to maximize your results you need to make sure each area of your life is in tune.  At Proven 4 we can help you make sure that supplements are taken care of! Call in and place your order today.


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