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5 Steps To A Better Burpee

Burpees are a full-body blaster of a move. Whether you’re training for endurance or looking to hit the chest, triceps, quads, or core — burpees can deliver impressive results. Plus, they’re a low-maintenance exercise: to do them requires no equipment and a small amount of space.

So why don’t a lot of people do them more often or outside of the WODs? Because after a handful of burpees many of us get super gassed. And that’s precisely why you should do them more often. Here are a few tips on doing your burpees properly:

1.Stand upright with your feet together and knees locked out. Keep your hips engaged as you maintain a tight core and squeeze your glutes. Your arms should be by your side.

2.Hinge your hips, pushing them back as you attempt to keep a straight line with your body from your hips to your head as you drop into a top plank (top portion of a pushup position). Keep your arms near your body at or around waist height. Your knees should be bent but close together.

3.Execute a push-up rep; keep the elbows close to the body and your chin tucked as you execute your push-up.

4.At the bottom of the push-up position, bow your body and jump your feet forward so they land behind your hands. (Essentially your body will make a V as your hands and feet are both on the ground). Keep your core and glutes engaged and return to the standing position.

5.Immediately jump as high as possible as you reach your arms to the ceiling. Try to get some air here. You can make the move more challenging by bringing your knees to your chest when you jump. Land softly and in a narrow stance to protect your knees.

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