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5 Ways to Optimize Exercise Performance

Achieving your fitness goals is more than the repetitive cycle of sleep, sweat, eat, repeat. Optimizing your exercise performance is a way to train smarter instead of getting lost in last year’s workout fads. Learn how to properly optimize your exercise performance to gain muscle, lose fat, and increase your endurance.


While single-joint exercises are a great way to focus on a particular muscle, to improve your overall exercise performance and endurance, you should incorporate more compound exercises into your routine. Compound exercises use at least two joints at once during an exercise session to build functional strength and improve your overall athletic performance. Some examples of compound exercises are deadlifts, squats, presses, and lunges. 


What you do outside of the gym is just as important as what you do in the hours you are actively working out. Ensuring that you are getting the proper nutrition, hydrating throughout the day, and fueling your body with the recommended protein intake is essential for seeing the results you want. At Proven4 we understand that it can be difficult to get the nutrition and protein you need from your food sources. Fuel your tank with our sports supplement products


Many Americans spend most of their day sitting which can affect your hips, shoulders, ankles, and backs. This tightness can make you more prone to injury during your gym sessions. Foam rollers are an excellent way to massage and release tension within the muscles. Make sure you hit your quadriceps, upper back, hips, calves, and any other area you are experiencing tightness or stiffness.  


Life is busy. Between work, kids, family, gym workouts, and other personal commitments, it can be overwhelming. It may feel like you are constantly hitting a wall. Avoid the workout crash with our Pre-Game Pre-Workout Supplement to our Muscle Recovery Drink to stay on track while keeping your energy levels up.


Let’s face it, some days you may not have two hours or even one hour to dedicate to your workout. This does not have to be a “gym fail” day. Engaging in short bursts of exercise throughout the day can help to optimize your exercise performance. Simple bursts such as getting up from your desk, taking the stairs, all count as fitness bursts. If you have 30 minutes or less to dedicate to your workout, you can always get in a quick HIIT, or high-intensity interval training workout to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time, helping you lose fat, gain muscle, and keep up your endurance. 


Optimize Your Exercise Performance With Proven4

At Proven4, we are dedicated to helping you optimize your exercise performance to become the best version of yourself on and off the field. Whether you are looking to improve your athletic performance, or you are simply looking to improve your health to combat the everyday grind life throws at you, our supplements can help give you the extra boost you need. 

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