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7 Facts You Probably Never Knew About Water

As the summer weather heats up and you’re sweating more, it’s vital to keep tabs on hydration levels. Smart money says that most of the time you’re sucking down water to quench your thirst. While you work out, maybe you’re downing a pre-, intra-, and post-workout drink from P4’s stable of NSF Certified for Sport workout supplements: Pre-Game Formula, Energy Formula, and Recovery Push Formula! While they’re all choices for energy, hydration, and recovery, Energy Formula and Recovery Push Formula both have a carbohydrate and electrolytes component that can help replenish energy and hydration levels.

Still, water is crucial to performing at your peak. Here are some lesser-known facts about water:

1. Bottled water is about to surpass soda as the most consumed beverage.

According to a report from Beverage Marketing, bottled water consumption ballooned 120% between 2000 and 2015 and is slated to overtake soda as the most consumed beverage.

2. Being too hydrated is possible

But it’s also rare. That said, it can occur when you’re working out hard and pounding water without replenishing electrolytes. An easy way to do refill those electrolytes? During your training program consume P4’s Energy Formula, and near the end or afterward sip on Recovery Push Formula. Each is engineered to provide energy in a different way — Energy with caffeine, taurine, a fast-digesting carb, and Recovery Push Formula with electrolytes, BCAAs, glutamine, and a carb loader. Both products taste fantastic and will keep you energized and poised for optimum energy and recovery.

3. You’re full of water.

Roughly 60% of a male’s body weight and 50% of a female’s body weight is water.

4. You don’t need eight glasses of water per day.

That’s a myth and there is no scientific evidence to support the claim. That said, athletes lose more fluids than sedentary people, so upping your water consumption isn’t a terrible idea. One way to monitor hydration levels is through urine — if it’s dark and carries an unpleasant scent, odds are you need to hydrate.

5. Bottled water is not always better than tap water.

According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, nearly half of bottled waters come from municipal water supplies—not from the picturesque mountain streams or waterfalls often found on the labels.

6. You need water for digestion.

Water has a bigger job than allowing you to wet your whistle: it moistens food, aids with digestion, transports nutrients to cells, releases heat, and enables you to discard waste.

7. You drop water weight during exercise.

As you sweat and lose fluids you lose weight. Thing is, that weight is from water, not fat loss. For fat loss you need to adopt a strict and balanced diet.


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