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A Brief History of Sports Supplements

At Proven 4 we use state of the art laboratory testing to develop and manufacture our sports supplements. Each and every one of our products are provided with a certificate of analysis that guarantees the contents. We want our customers to know exactly what they are putting into their body when they use our sports supplements. Our mission is to see that customers receive top value for their nutritional purchases.

Throughout history athletes have been concerned with their nutrition. In ancient Greece the first Olympians crafted a diet that was high in meats and wines. Enterprising individuals have been selling strength serums and health tonics throughout recorded history. Most of the time these “supplements” had little to no health benefits. Many times they even contained ingredients that were hazardous to consume! For example, strychnine and brandy was once given to marathon runners to help them endure the race. Around the 1950’s is when the modern sports supplement industry has its origins. This is when the research and development really took off. Thanks to this, modern sports supplements are strictly regulated.

Sports supplements have come a long ways in the past 50 years. At Proven4 all of our supplements have been analyzed in the lab, and all of the claims presented on the label are backed by hard science. Order today and get ready to take your workouts to the next level. All orders ship within 24 hours. Sign up for our newsletter in the box above and receive your instant coupon!


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