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Add it to your gym bag: P4’s BlenderBottle Prostak!

When’s the last time you took inventory of your gym bag? Last winter? Last fall? Oh boy. From the shoes you’re strapping onto your feet to the tools you’re using to burn calories to the shaker cup you’re using to mix up your favorite NSF Certified for Sport P4 workout supplements, it’s time to restock what’s in your bag. Starting with … your gym bag.

Hylete Icon Expandable Backpack

The durable Icon expands to supply enough room to fit all of the necessities — shoes, clothes, etc. — as well as compartments for wet or dry storage. There’s even a laptop sleeve, side-pocket cooler, and straps to secure the bag to your person.


P4 BlenderBottle Prostak

The smartest shaker available features twist-and-lock technology that won’t leak when you travel, and provides for spoon-free mixing of P4 workout supplements like Pre-Game Formula, Energy Formula, Recovery Push Formula. What’s more, the Prostak is BPA- and Phthalate-free.


KT Tape

It’s not magic, but it’ll feel like it when KT Tape helps relieve pain and support muscles while you train.


Jump Rope

Quite possibly the best-bang-for- your-buck piece of home gym there is.

$6 and up,

Neutrogena CoolDry Sport

Whether you’re training outdoors or soaking in some fresh air between sets, cover exposed skin with SPF like CoolDry Sport from Neutrogena to minimize skin damage from the sun’s rays. Apply liberally and often!


Earin True Wireless Earbuds

They’re pricey, but these wireless earbuds provide you with maximum sound and comfort during runs, commutes, and battles with the treadmill or elliptical.


Jack Black Mr. Fix It Wound Rescue Silver Gel

When you’re pushing plates on the bench press, executing box jumps in the gym, or simply gripping the bar for chins, dips, or deads, scrapes, dings, and scratches are part of an athlete’s life. Apply a dab of this antimicrobial gel onto the wound and it’ll kill bacteria as it covers the scrape.


Nike Metcon2

More than just cool looking kicks, the Metcon 2s were built to help you blast through your WOD, thanks to a flat sole that offers stability for ground-based lifts and a no-drag heel that won’t crush your walls during handstand pushups.



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