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Amp Up Your Workout with More Sleep

Of all the things that might get between you and a great workout, there’s one that’s entirely in your control. Sleep.

Consistently getting a solid night’s sleep is the baseline we all need to maintain a motivated and high-functioning mind and body. Funny thing about this, though? This isn’t news to any of us. It’s common knowledge that the morning after a nap-like night we feel dangerously similar to that talking Muppet heap-of-garbage that piled up outside Fraggle Rock. (You remember.) And yet, when we’re short on time, sleep continues to be the first thing we send off to sacrifice.

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Here’s the deal. P4 is most powerful on a well-rested mind and body, and so are you. That’s why we love this article on The Beachbody Blog: 7 Real World Tips to Get More Sleep. If you’re not effectively connecting with your pillow, you’ll find great firsthand advice to get the sheep-counter rolling. Here are a few tips:

1)Eliminate the element of surprise: Phones and tablets that interrupt your sleep with text and email alerts in the middle of the night deserve a special place in your home. Like, nowhere near you.

2)Note how you feel after various workouts. Make sure you stick to the ones that make you feel relaxed, de-stressed and calm for evening workouts.

3)Regulate your bedtime. Make it consistent to give your body’s natural rhythms a cue.

Check out the full Beachbody article for more tips on how to get more sleep, and learn more about why sleep is important in the P4 post, 4 Reasons to Get More Sleep. Then grab your P4 and show everyone in the gym just how well rested you are.