Build Your Biceps: Standing Kettlebell Curls

The standing barbell curl is one of the most common go-to mass builders for those looking to build their bi’s. So, why swap in kettlebells? The main benefit is that when the bell hangs below the wrist it creates constant pulling and more time under tension (TUT). This can lead to a better muscle pump and more gains. Also, using a kettlebell is a solid way to prevent over-curling at the apex of the movement; over-curling reduces stress off of the biceps and shifts it to the delts (shoulders).

How to do it:

Grasp the kettlebell so its handle sits in the center of your palm; this will help keep the bell situated in your hand and without slippage as you rotate your arm during the curl. If the bell bangs or rests against the forearm tweak your form, as you’re not utilizing proper range of motion.

Recovery Smarter

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