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CrossFit Edge: Forging Elite Fitness with P4


The Mind Behind  CrossFit Edge 94

Growing up, Burt Beauchamp was always pushing his athleticism. Travel hockey, baseball, basketball – you name it and Burt was doing it. “And then I graduated high school and got lazy,” says the CrossFit Edge owner. That’s when Burt decided to get back to the gym, lose 85 pounds and become a trainer at a big facility in Michigan.

But even after six years as trainer, four years as manager and a big following with his boot camps, Burt just couldn’t align with the brand that big facilities were putting out. “I hated the message and the lifestyle. Everyone cared about the mirror and putting on makeup before you go to the gym,” says Beauchamp.

CrossFit Made Sense 

How should it be? “You put in work, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re dirty or sweaty. Show up, work you’re a** off and you see results.”

That’s when Burt started doing CrossFit on his own, adding CrossFit to his other PT certifications and opening his own gym – now with over 100 members ages 15 to 70. Above all, Burt’s focus has been on safety in the gym. “CrossFit is a great idea and I’ve been around training and fitness for a long time, but I wanted us and the coaches to be very knowledgeable.” That’s why Beauchamp invites U.S. Weightlifing to do certifications for his trainers – a huge advantage unique to his facility. “Olympic coaches and Gold Medal winners come out and tell us how to train. With U.S. Lifting Certifications, it’s like learning how to hit a baseball from the pros.”

P4 is a Perfect Fit 

CrossFit Edge 94 has a mantra: “Work you’re a** off; don’t put sh*t in your mouth.” That’s why Beauchamp sells all three P4 sports supplements in the gym. “Members have switched over because there aren’t as many crappy ingredients,” says Burt. “A lot of people really prefer P4 over other supplements we’ve offered. Endurance athletes take Energy Formula, and the other two, [P4 Pre Game and P4 Recovery], I sell the most of. I usually give [members] samples first, and you actually feel the effects of it – as opposed to other supplements. They feel P4 work. Since I’ve introduced [P4] supplements, I see [member] attendance go up because they recover faster.”

“I train a collegiate all-state cross country runner, and the supplement she was taking gave her the jitters and [other side effects]. So we gave her P4 Energy and, because she can take it, she loves it.”

It’s an easy sell when Beauchamp powers up with P4 too. “I do Pre Game usually before I workout as my preworkout supplement. Because it has Creatine in it, it gives you mental focus. And I use the Recovery Push during my workout either in place of a protein shake or with a protein shake.”

Why You Need CrossFit Edge 94 

“You don’t like a workout? You never have to do it again. ” “Here, we’re extremely motivated coaches. We scale based on safety. We try to help everybody no matter your limitations. We make everybody feel comfortable. I’ve been out of shape; I’ve been in shape. I’ve been fat; I’ve been skinny. We can help people with those pitfalls and they can come a long way.”

Learn more about CrossFit and Beauchamp’s gym here.