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CrossFit WODs Stand No Chance When P4 Has Your Back

John Andersen has been a CrossFit enthusiast for the past two-and-a-half years. He’s also a husband, father of a newborn, and he holds down two jobs. The excuses to scale back on his training are abundant, but he still finds time to plow through CrossFit workouts five to six days per week. Along with a sheer determination to remain fit, P4’s workout supplement Pre Game Formula has been a boon to his training.

“For the most part I’m not too big on workout supplements,” Andersen admits. “But when I was introduced to P4 and realized how safe it was, I was interested. The taste and consistency was great, and I didn’t experience any side effects that I had with other samples [of pre-workout supplements] that I’ve tried. So, [Pre Game Formula] has enabled me to get through longer workouts faster and for me to hold a higher metabolic rate and level of intensity.”

A big sell for Andersen — as with many high-level and professional athletes — is the NSF Certified for Sport logo on P4 sports supplement bottles.

“GNC recently got busted for having products on their shelves that contain half or none of what they said they were selling,” Andersen says. “That’s shocking when the No. 1 chain of dietary supplements is providing supplements that don’t contain what’s advertised. So to have that NSF Certified for Sport [on P4 products] says that what I’m taking is what it is, and that the formula won’t deviate. I’m not having to wonder what I’m putting into my body.”

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Andersen has seen his overall strength improve dramatically since he began CrossFit. “CrossFit compiles strength training, gymnastics, calisthenics, cardio … all together into one workout,” he explains. “Each CrossFit gym is different [in how they announce their workouts]. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re going to do until you get to the gym.”

At the 2015 CrossFit Open competition, Andersen saw a huge jump in his standings from the previous year. According to the CrossFit Games website, there are five workouts that were released from Thurs. February 26 to Thursday March 26, giving athletes until 5 p.m. PT on Monday to submit their scores. The workouts that Andersen and others had to complete could vary drastically. In 2014, Andersen was 34,135 out of 109,536; in 2015, he ranked 23,206 out of 153,273.

“The workouts consisted of [things such as] Olympic snatch, clean and jerk, air squat, double under, wall ball — and basically just about any possible station you can imagine,” Andersen says. He had to complete the selected movements for time or reps.

The rush to rip through reps has caused some to label CrossFit a pathway to injury. Andersen disagrees. “CrossFit isn’t for everyone but it’s built for everyone. People who consistently go against CrossFit haven’t done it enough,” he claims. “Doing it one day per week won’t do you any good, but try six days per week every week for 30 months.”

A small 2013 study the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research surveyed 132 CrossFit athletes and found that 73.5 percent of those participating were injured and forced to the sidelines. Broken down, their injury rate was similar to that of Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, and general fitness routines.

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“The unique thing about CrossFit people, that I’ve found, is that they enjoy what they’re doing,” Andersen says. “And that allows you to push yourself harder. CrossFit and P4 [sports supplements] have helped me push myself and recover faster with better products. No aches and pains or worrying about my body.”

And to keep up Andersen’s crazy schedule, he has to enjoy it. His days begin at 3:30 a.m., when he gets up to change his son. Then he’s back up three hours later to get his workday started. After a full day in the field as a health inspector, he hurries to a CrossFit gym to workout before shuttling home to make dinner. He then starts his second job.

“I’m the owner of Forever Strength Wrist Wraps, which are fully customized and reinforced wrist wraps,” he says. “You tell me what you want and I find the materials and build it for you. We want you to get down to specific detail about what you want, so if it’s cammo, for example, what kind of cammo? Army? Old 1990s cammo with pink stitching? Sure, what kind of stitching? I use [the wrist wraps] myself and have two different styles at different times and send them all over the world.”

For more info on Forever Strength Wrist Wraps, head over to Facebook. And click here to learn more about P4’s Pre Game Formula.