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What’s the flavor of your latest workout drink? Let us guess: “Chocolate”? “Strawberry”? “Vanilla?” Those quotation marks are totally intentional, by the way. Why? Because we all know the minute you take a swig of that faux-flavored workout drink, your brain is having a serious side-conversation with your taste buds about “lowering expectations” and “how to effectively employ mind-over-matter.”

It’s no secret that workout shakes and energy drinks have suffered in the flavor department since exercising was even a thing. And honestly, the team over here at Proven 4 was so over it. That’s why we bring you three great flavors of everyone’s favorite scoop of pre-workout motivation: NSF Certified for Sport P4 Pre Game formula! Choose from Cherry Limeade, Blue Raspberry or Fruit Punch and reward your taste buds for all the time they spent waiting for a tastier way to power up.

Oh, and we’re not just making empty claims of our commitment to deliciousness here. See for yourself what athletes love about it:

Cherry Limeade

Great taste

“Cherry limeade has a great taste. And the same great pre workout.” – Jorge V., 10/03/16

Blue Raspberry

Works Great

“I love this product. It has the right amount of caffeine to give me the boost I need to power through my workouts. Not the mention that the Blue Raspberry flavor is great. I recommend this and other P4 products to every one of my workout buddies.” – Mark H., 03/23/16

Fruit Punch

Right punch

“Fruit punch gives my clients just the right punch they need to accelerate and maintain a great workout.” – Crystal A., 08/14/16

Why P4 Pre Game?

Pre Game Formula is powered by creatine, CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine, and niacin – a combination that can promote cognitive and physical performance, muscle growth, increased strength, power and endurance. It will ignite your energy levels and blast you full throttle into your sports or activity. Specifically engineered for competitive and professional athletes, Pre Game Formula can help you train longer, get stronger, and play harder.

Most importantly, there’s one advantage as compelling as the taste trifecta: all flavors of P4 Pre Game are NSF Certified for Sport. Specifically engineered for competitive and professional athletes, all P4 products have been screened for banned substances, and every claim found on the label has been verified by a credible third-party. Used by professional athletes and Olympians, P4 is what smart athletes drink to make the most of every workout or training session.