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Do it: Overhead Walk

The overhead walk is a simple exercise to describe, but execution can be tricky. All you do is hoist a kettlebell or dumbbell directly over your head with one arm, keeping your elbow locked out as you walk 25-30 feet. Then you turn around and switch arms. Easy,right?

However, to do it properly you’ll be battling the urge to lean back or to one side. The instability created by holding up the weight only on one side makes your body work extremely hard to remain balanced. And as you resists leaning, you’re adding stress to the shoulders, back, and core.

Get it done:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and press a dumbbell or kettlebell directly over your head. Your head should be up and your wrist and forearm should be in a straight line as you begin to walk. Do not allow your wrist to bend. If you feel wrist sensitivity, change your grip to a neutral grip (palms facing your head), which should relieve any discomfort.