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Energy and Focus from P4 Drive John David to Work Hard

John Davids mission is simple: Maintain the muscle mass he has. And with muscular dystrophy, that can be a challenge. It takes hard work, unwavering commitment to exercise and a whole lot of getting your mind motivated daily.”

I have therapy on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week when I do redcord® and BTE,” John says. BTE equipment is interactive, high-tech rehab machinery that provides visual feedback and progress tracking. “I do 35 to 40 minutes of Redcord and then the BTE machine. Redcord allows me to do exercises I cannot do on my own.It’s helped me keep what I have. I can’t plank, but I can with Redcord. I can’t do hip flexers, but I can with Redcord. I can’t do pushups; I can with Redcord. So this assists me. When I started out my weights I tested out at about 75 pounds; I do a workout now at almost 200 pounds.”

But according to John, it’s not always easy. In addition to owning a “24/7” emergency restoration company, some days he says, “I don’t want to do it.” And for John, that’s where he says P4 comes in.

“[P4] has a lot of the stuff Ive been told to take like Creatine. I use it every time I work out – usually a [scoop] of Pre Game in the morning. I get a buzz, like a ‘let’s go.’ Especially on Saturday’s when I do my own workout – instead of doing 15 minutes, I do a half hour. [P4] fires me up.”

In addition to workouts, John plays golf about twice a week. “When Im in Florida, I would play three to four times depending how long I’m down there. I’m not as good as I used to be, but I still get out there and it helps taking the P4 before I start.”

John has seen other family members let the disease take over, but he’s motivated to avoid that. “I think I’m the same as I was a year ago, and to me that’s an accomplishment. I know where I could be and I know where I’m at. I have a choice to not do it. My choice: I don’t want to do that.”

Note: Proven 4 NSF Certified for Sport Supplements do not cure disease or improve symptoms of Muscular Dystrophy. They are exclusively designed to stimulate energy and focus for training and workouts