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Find the Energy and Motivation to Stay Active This Holiday Season

It’s something that many people face at this time of year – the winter doldrums, where the motivation to stay active suddenly slips away as you get caught up in the hubbub and busyness of the holiday season. There are also several large meals, not to mention the snacks and sweets to tide you over between those meals. While you’ve been dedicated to working out and maintaining your healthy lifestyle during the rest of the year, once December comes, you may become a bit lax in sticking to your regimen. Don’t let a year’s worth of work go to waste for just a few cookies and cakes this holiday season (yes, we know it’s hard). With the help of P4 sports supplements, you’ll have the energy to keep exercising, as well as keep up with all the activity that surrounds this time of year.

Avoiding holiday weight gain may seem like a struggle, but it’s really not that difficult. If you’ve set a certain daily caloric intake during the rest of the year, stick to it in December. There are tons of online calories counters and calorie apps for your smartphone, so data is never far away. Don’t eat until you’re stuffed; instead do the research to find out how many calories you’re putting into your body and consume small to moderate portions at each meal. Also, since you’re usually burning a certain number of calories through exercise, make a schedule of what you’re going to do each day in terms of a workout, even if it’s just going for a short jog through the neighborhood.

People always make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get healthy. If you’ve spent the previous year doing just that, don’t let overeating and lack of exercise in December bring down your health and energy levels. Make a plan to eat smart and exercise every day, even if it means missing a holiday TV special or the first half of a football game.


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