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Healthy Snack Reminder: Nuts

When you need a boost of energy before or during workout, clearly your go-to should be the best pre-workout and in-game workout supplement on the market: P4’s Pre Game Formula and Energy Formula.

But you need more than highly-effective workout supplements to attain an eye-catching physique or to up your game to a new level. Making that happen takes dedication, a specialized workout routine, and a diet that provides essential nutrients and consistent energy throughout the day.

And since we know keeping your diet and training regimen on point may be tough during the holiday season — which is why we’ve provided these handy tips to staying on track while the weather outside is frightful — we thought we’d drop a reminder as to why you should go nuts for nuts.

Nuts are packed with heart-healthy protein, vitamins, and fats. When possible, steer clear of nuts that have been roasted in oil and opt for the healthier dry roasted version. Also, despite their numerous health benefits, keep your quantities in check. It’s easy for the calorie and fat count to skyrocket if you’re stuffing them into your piehole by the shovelful.

Below we’ve listed some popular nut varieties, and their health benefits …

Almonds: Unsalted almonds are full of good-for-you monosaturated fat, vitamin E, protein, fiber, calcium, and potassium.

Walnuts: With a nice dosage of essential omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, walnuts are known to aid with things like brain health and weight control. A 2006 study also linked walnuts to inflammation reduction.

Pecans: With 35 milligrams of flavonoids in every 3.5-ounce serving — flavonoids serve as antioxidants — pecans can help combat inflammation that can lead to cardiovascular disease.

Cashews: Cholesterol-free and high in copper and fiber, cashews have the ability to reduce high triglyceride levels (which can help reduce the risk of heart disease).

Pistachios: A terrific source of vitamin E, riboflavin, and thiamin, pistachios contain fewer calories (and more potassium) per serving than other nuts. Nuts, right?

Peanuts: Okay, okay, so peanuts are legumes. Well, the word “nut” is in the name, so we’ll let it slide. A one-ounce serving of peanuts comes armed with 170 calories, 14 grams of fat, and seven grams of protein.


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