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How A Product Becomes NSF Certified For Sport

When a supplement is NSF Certified for sport it has undergone testing that ensures the product contains no ingredients that are illegal for athletes to use when they compete. This is a simply way for athletes, coaches, and trainers to make informed, safe decisions about the supplements they use. NSF Certifications are recognized by the NFL, MLB, PGA, CCES, MLBPA, NFLPA, and LPGA. An NSF Certification for Sport ensures the consumer that the product is free of over 165 banned substances. It also provides label content confirmation, product supplier inspections, ongoing monitoring of the product, and label review. Although an NSF Certification for sport can be difficult to achieve, it is an invaluable tool for athletes who are being regularly tested for illegal ingredients.

There are five steps involved before a product can be NSF certified for sport. First is Application. This step examines the formulation, ingredient, supplier information, and product label. Next comes a Toxicology review. This step involves label review and comparison in addition to ingredient review, and then product testing is determined.  The following steps include Facility Inspection, Annual Laboratory Testing/analysis, and finally the product is certified and listed as being NSF certified for sport.  The certification process is in depth and extremely thorough. Proven4 is proud of our NSF Certification for sport and we are thrilled to offer athletes supplements that they can trust.