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How Pro Running Back Joique Bell Powers Through the Off-Season

We caught up with Pro Running Back Joique Bell to find out what his off-season routine looks like, and what we saw is no surprise for a power player like Bell.

“In the off season, I’m in the gym five days a week, four to six hours a day. I do everything from weightlifting to MMA boxing to working on hand-eye coordination for better focus on the ball,” says Joique. “And stretches I’ve never done before in my life,” he laughs. “Everything is joint-friendly, but at the same time you get a lot of cardio.”

And switching between different levels of intensity gives P4 the perfect opportunity to flex its muscle. “I would take Pre Game a half hour before the gym to help you get up for your workout,” recommends Joique. “When you’re done, take Recovery within 30 minutes. Your muscles are like a sponge, and it’s scientifically proven that your muscles [respond better] within 45 minutes of finishing your workout.”

Coming into the 2015 season as Detroit’s #1 running back obviously requires intense commitment to his body and his health. “My goal is to make it to the playoffs. But [my] whole focus is coming through the season healthy,” says Joique. This season, part of staying healthy will be properly preparing his mind and body for another game overseas. “We start handling the London [time zone] adjustment the week before: Sleeping right and then hopefully arranging the flight to leave at night so we get there in the morning. No big naps during the day. And of course I’ll use P4 to help.”

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P4 Energy is a powerful solution to overcoming any feeling of fogginess or sluggishness. “During the season, I’ll use P4 sport supplements the same way I did last season. It gives you that boost and helps get your mind right for the game.”

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Right now, Joique is enjoying the off-season flexibility of being able to travel, spend time with family and be a homebody. But when that first Sunday comes, he’ll be ready.

“I look forward to game day the whole off season. All the work we put in: the diet, endless studying, a lot of hours in the weight room and on the field. So Sunday is your chance to show the world. Showcase our talent and show them all the work we’ve been putting in.”

And P4 is proud to be the clean energy Joique puts in his body to get the results he wants on the field.


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