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How Proven4 Proves Their Loyalty To Every Single Customer

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was created in 1999 to combat the use of drugs and doping in sports. Currently, there are enough banned substances to fill eight-pages on WADA’s list. (You can view the entire list here.) Everyday athletes, too, need to be concerned about what goes into their bodies more for health reasons rather than the fear of being suspended by their team, coach, or organization.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for those of us who take sports supplements to know precisely what’s going into the formula. Many companies have found ways to work around provisions set forth to ensure customers are kept safe from ingredients that could be harmful or land them in hot water if they were to be tested. Why? Profit. Rather than put customers first, some companies choose to dupe customers instead of being transparent and proving that what’s claimed on the supplement’s label isn’t exaggerated or fictional.

Proven4 workout supplements were established to push back against this type of detrimental narrative. The idea behind P4 wasn’t to lure people in and take their money, but instead to offer athletes and fitness fanatics with high-quality, well-researched workout supplements that would help them perform at their best. And to put any potential customer fears to rest, P4 enlisted the NSF Certified for Sport program — an outside third-party — to ensure that any and all label claims are tested and proven to be accurate.

This passage is straight from the NSF Certified for Sport website:

This program, which focuses primarily on the sports supplement manufacturing and sourcing process, provides key preventive measures to:

  • Protect against adulteration of products
  • Verify label claims against product contents
  • Identify athletic banned substances in the finished product or ingredients

The NSF’s 65-year history as an authority on third-party testing certifications is reason enough to believe in the seal that’s proudly displayed on all P4’s sports supplements line: Pre-Game Formula, Energy Formula, Recovery Push Formula. The cost for the NSF Certified for Sport’s tests don’t come cheap, but it’s what separates companies that believe in their research and product — Like P4 — from competitors who aren’t as confident.


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