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How To Fire Up Your Warm-Up

The definition of a proper warm-up varies from person to person. Some people do a few push-ups and light stretching and call it a warm-up. Others are likely to load light weight onto a bar and execute 10-15 reps as their warm-up before launching into their workout. If you’re one of those people and you’ve managed to avoid injury, great. You’re doing what works for you. For most of us, we require more than that to feel primed and ready to train.

Aim for a warm-up of about 10 minutes (longer, if needed). Look to elevate your heart rate, lubricate joints, and increase blood flow to the muscles you’re prepping for use. The idea is to save your energy for working sets.

Instead of using static stretches in your warm-up, opt for a dynamic stretching routine pre-workout. A dynamic warm-up consists of movements that activate and loosen the muscles you’ll use in your workout, game, or performance. For example, on days you want to train legs, a dynamic warm-up might consist of bodyweight exercises such as squats, jumping jacks, lunges, pushups, etc.

The use of a foam roller is also advised to loosen up the muscle fascia and take care of any “ knots” that build up. (Read more about foam rollers here)

You’ll find that some people claim warming up doesn’t prevent injuries. That might be true —it’s hard to find definitive science that backs up the notion that warming up leads to fewer injuries — but our take is that if warming up improves blood circulation, muscle elasticity, and range of motion, it’s something that can benefit you and your training.

Want to try a dynamic warm-up in your next workout? Try this …

Arm Swings

Reps: 15-20Side


Reps: 15 each side

Trunk Rotations

Reps: 15 each side

Hip Rotations

Reps: 15 each side

Bodyweight Squats

Reps: 15-20

Walking Lunges

Reps: 8-10 each leg

Butt Kicks

Reps: 10 yards and back


Reps: 10-25

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