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How To Perfect Overhead Triceps Extensions

The key to developing bigger arms isn’t simply to focus on the biceps. Sure, a softball-sized biceps peak is going to give your arm depth, but developing the triceps — aka the triceps brachii muscle, which is Latin for “three-headed arm muscle” — is the key to all-around fullness of your pipes. The tri’s, along with the ability to make your arms look bigger, are also recruited in activities such throwing, pushing, and extending jabs in boxing. In other words, their development is crucial for athletes.

Exercise variety comes into play because all three heads of the muscle must be worked evenly — the long head, lateral head, and medial head. To identify all three heads of your tri’s set your arm to your side. Looking down at your arm, the portion of the muscle that’s closest to your back/lats is the long head; that’s the longest of the three; the lateral head is located on the outside of the arm; the medial head is near the midline and is mostly covered by the lateral and long heads.

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Since the long head is longest, you’ll want to hammer that first. A great way to do that is with overhead triceps extensions. Use this step-by-step approach to do them properly:

  • 1.Sit on a bench or low-back seat while holding a dumbbell in both hands at arms’ length above your head. Your fingers should be cupping the bell of the dumbbell; if you’re gripping a bar aim for a grip that’s five to seven inches apart. Keep your feet on the floor (and your back firmly against the pad if you’re seated).
  • 2.Bend at the elbows and allow the weight to travel behind your head; keep your arms from moving up and down as you complete each rep.
  • 3.With control, push the dumbbell up until your elbows lock.

Increase the challenge by adding advanced techniques, like supersets, dropsets, or running the rack (begin with a heavy weight with low reps and increase the reps as you make your way down the weight rack — or vice versa).

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If you have shoulder pain, overhead extensions may exacerbate it. Start light and with control before progressing. Get enough sleep to recovery adequately. After a grueling workout, remember to take Recovery Push Formula. Also good for an extra charge as you near the end of the training session, Recovery Push Formula is an NSF Certified for Sport workout supplement filled with electrolytes and an intense vitamin matrix that initiates the recovery process.