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Ladies, Increase Your Golf Grip with These Tips

Among the most common challenges for female golfers is a strong grip, which has great benefits, including a cure for slicing and a lack of power. That’ s why we checked in with Kristy Breuler for a strengthening exercise to increase grip strength on the course. Take a look at this golf grip strengthening video and follow Kristy’ s instructions for the drill.

“Hold the golf club with the grip facing down. Extend one arm at a time as you use your thumb and fingers to ‘ inch-worm’ down the club till you reach the grip. On your first few tries, this could take 60 seconds or longer. The goal is to improve your time as you increase your grip strength,” says Breuler.

“This exercise could be done anywhere,” assures Breuler, “even when you’ re waiting on the greens. For a fun competition, lift one leg to challenge your core, and balance as you ‘ inch-worm’ down the club.”

“This looks very easy,” warns Breuler, “but you’ ll see how much mental focus it takes to keep your arm extended (with your wrist in line you’ re your shoulder). The club starts to feel heavier and heavier, and your thumb may even cramp up before you reach the top, but don’t give up.”

And as always in fitness, we practice on both sides, so be sure to note how good your non-dominant hand is compared to the other.

Kristy Breuler is a TPI-certified golf fitness and Pilates instructor at Kensington Golf &Country Club in Naples, Florida. She has 10 years of experience in golf conditioning, and is a dynamic resource for golfers of both pro and amateur golfers. Kristy is deliberate about making smart choices for her body, which is why she is passionate about P4 and proud to be a regular editorial contributor as part of the Proven 4 team.