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Meet Kristy Breuler – Golf Fitness Expert and New P4 Contributor

We are excited to welcome Kristy Breuler, TPI-certified golf fitness and Pilates instructor, to the Proven 4 team! With nearly 10 years of experience in golf conditioning and twice that in everything from water aerobics, step, hi-lo, body sculpting and more, Kristy has become a dynamic resource for golfers at Kensington Golf & Country Club in Naples, Florida. And she’ll be sharing her expertise with P4 blog readers in a monthly post on must-know info for anyone hitting the course.

Kristy is a huge asset to her clients because throughout her fitness evaluations, pilates and golf conditioning training with clients, she started asking the question, “Why?” on a grander scale. “I started teaching a golf conditioning class for men and ladies, and they’d say ‘I have problems doing this’ or ‘I can’t do this.’ When I couldn’t answer the client’s question about what was happening with their body, that’s what made me want to learn more. I tapped in and learned the Titleist approach, and it was somewhat surprising at first the correlation between Pilates and [golf movement]. Now, the body is like a science project to me. I can give [clients] instructions to help them out, they feel good and walk away with the insight I give them.”

But Kristy doesn’t just advise on best practices. She lives them. “I really just want to be an example to them. I want to walk the walk. If I can’t perform those exercises, then I can’t articulate how to successfully do those exercises to my client. I just don’t feel like that’s doing the best for the client. I need to be able to really give some visuals from experience so they can have success.

“That’s why I do Pilates every day. I do cardio every day. I do some type of resistance training, functional training, TRX… I use machines, dumbbells and barbells. I have to. I have to always come up with something new for both my client and myself. I dedicate that first hour of my day to [that process].” And P4 helps get Kristy through the intensity of her day, starting at 6am and continuing on the course with clients. “I’m an adrenaline junkie. I love the tingles P4 Energy gives me. I like to feel the Energy and my body just absorbing it. Halloween to Easter I have back-to-back clients [all day]. To maintain my positive cheerleader, upbeat attitude, I shake the Energy daily. It might be 3 o’clock when you feel that lull in the afternoon. [Especially] since I am actively moving with my clients; I’m not just barking orders. It’s definitely a lifesaver for me. It doesn’t give me the jitters and it keeps me focused with my clients.“

Kristy also is motivated by setting an example for her daughters, both heavily involved in competitive cheerleading which can be extremely demanding throughout the week. “We participate in all the local 5k races together. I want to raise them to be confident, strong, healthy girls. We make good choices about what we put into our bodies. [My job and P4] allow me to live by example. It’s a lifestyle, not just something I do at work.”

“I really just have a joy for serving people and making them happy. Training someone else and feeling like a make a difference in their life. Health and happiness. That’s how I get my joy.” And that’s why we can’t wait to hear more from Kristy’s perspective.

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