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NSF Certified For Sports Supplements, Brought to You by P4

NSF Certified for Sports Supplements are created by a variety of companies who desire to maintain the highest industry standards in their products in order to meet the growing demand from athletes and coaches for safe supplements. P4has worked to attain this certification in order to ensure customer trust and uphold the highest standards possible. To be NSF certified, a supplement must be put through a rigorous series of scientific tests to prove effectiveness while also be completely free of any banned substances.

NSF has a 65-year history of upholding standards for a variety of consumer goods, but the NSF Certified for Sports Supplements are put through the most rigorous analysis. From the formulation to the manufacturing facilities and labeling, each step of the process is watched. When P4 applied to have their pre-workout supplement certified, the formula was put through a toxicology review, facility inspection, and a laboratory testing process before attaining the NSF certification for sport.

P4 will maintain ongoing facility and laboratory inspections in order to maintain our certifications. This is part of our commitment to offering the best pre-workout supplement available, as well as the best of a variety of other products. We believe that athletes should be able to find safe, legal products that have been proven to work. For other NSF certified for sport supplements, check out our pre game formula, P4 Energy Drink, and P4 Recovery Push or Contact Us Today to learn more about how we can take your game to the next level.


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