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Our Founders’ Favorite Holiday Gifts for the Athlete in Your Family

Are you in search of a holiday gift for the athlete in your family? Proven4 has you covered!

It can be tough to try and figure out a gift for the athlete in your family, but we’ll let you in on a little secret — athletes LOVE the holidays because it’s a chance to try new things and discover new brands. 

Proven4 is known for our top-rated workout supplements because not only are they NSF Certified For Sport®, but their taste is out of this world! Explore a few of our favorite things in today’s post!

Shelley’s Holiday Picks

CRZ Yoga

Even though it can seem like overkill, you can NEVER have enough workout clothes that are of great quality at a great price. This is exactly what CRZ Yoga is. The shorts, leggings, sports bras, tank tops, and long- and short-sleeved shirts have all been tested — the materials are awesome and they wash like a dream!

Hot Sauce Variety Pack

For the spicy athlete in your life, the hot sauce variety pack hits the spot. Bring an amazing flavor and spice to your meals while staying on track with your clean diet. 

After such a crazy year with the pandemic and illness, and the world being upside down, it’s more important than ever to take care of ourselves and maintain a healthy body and mind.  Sharing the gift of that with our active loved ones is an awesome gift. 

Frank’s Favs

Now that we’re at home more than ever, having workout accessories around, certainly can up your motivation!

Perfect Pushup

The Perfect Pushup helps reduce strain on joints with its rotating handles, and is ideal for all fitness levels. It features comfortable rubber grips and a non-slip base to ensure stability during upper body workouts.

Nordic Naturals Fish Oils

Help your athlete feel their best with the power of omega-3’s! For brain, heart, and wellness support, Nordic Naturals is the perfect alternative to the season’s sugary sweets!

Nike Fanny Pack 2.0

Perfect for on-the-go training, the Nike Fanny Pack 2.0 is an expandable pocket with a stretchy, adjustable belt that fits securely around your waist. Perfect for storing your phone, keys, and facemask while you run, bike, or workout.

Outer Aisle Plant Power Sandwich Thins

Delicious and guilt-free, these are a low-carb treat made from cauliflower that can be swapped for bread. Enjoy with eggs, cold cuts, or even as a little pizza crust.


Label-Claim Products And Comfortable Sportswear…

Workout supplements from Proven4 not only make fun gifts to set beneath the tree (try and have them guess what’s wrapped!), but are a great stocking stuffer or gift exchange present as well. 

And if you’re like many families who are moving away from things and more towards experiences as a part of holiday gifting, that’s exactly what Proven4 products are here for — they enhance training and help optimize time spent in the gym! 

Proven4 Energy Formula

The holidays can wipe us out — whether it’s running around making sure you’ve covered everyone on your gift list, spending extra time in the gym to de-stress from family overload, or meal-prepping to ensure you stick to your goals around so many delicious holiday treats, energy is something we all could use more of! 

If you have a fitness enthusiast who’s burning the candle at both ends — during the holidays or not — gift them with our Proven4 Energy Formula. With flavors like cherry limeade and tangerine, the electrolyte complex and caffeine will give them the motivation to train harder and crush their New Year’s goals!

For a unique gift, buy a gym bag and fill it to the brim with Proven4 Energy Formula, a P4 Sport Blenderbottle®, and a Proven4 hoodie for pre- and post-workout luxury.  

Proven4 Pre-Workout

Perhaps you know someone who is dabbling in sports supplements. Proven4’s Pre-Workout makes an excellent gift for both new and seasoned athletes. With the new year rolling around, people are beginning to set their intentions and fitness goals. A pre-workout supplement provides an edge on training when you have a lofty goal in front of you — it supports strength, stamina, and endurance.  

For a gift that all athletes will enjoy, bundle the Proven4 Pre-Workout with other fun items they may need including gum, chapstick, new earbuds or headphones, and a slew of the best workout scrunchies! 

Proven4 Recovery

Don’t forget recovery! Athletes train hard and give it their all, so it’s important that they recover. Give your favorite athlete a little recovery nudge and create a fun gift pack that includes Proven4 Recovery, Epsom salts, and a nice plush robe to relax in. If you’re looking to really help them rest and recover, add a gift card for a massage and a new foam roller!

Shelley loves the Barefoot Dreams Cozy Robe for the ultimate recovery loungewear!

Frank recommends The CORE Foam Roller to support muscle recovery and reduce muscle soreness. The high-density foam is in an exclusive grid pattern that delivers the best compression where your muscles need it the most!

If you have a collegiate or professional athlete to shop for, Proven4 products are a great staple to add to their training repertoire. All Proven4 products are NSF Certified For Sport® and label-claim verified, making them the perfect option for those who need clean products and recognizable ingredients. 

Did you know that Proven4 also has merchandise? Add our comfy sports apparel to any gift — an athlete can never have too many hoodies, shorts, or shirts!

Proven4 Apparel And Accessories

From tank tops and sleeveless hoodies to short- and long-sleeved shirts and hoodies, we have a top for any season that’s comfortable enough to relax in or take to the gym. Pair any of your favorite tops with our Proven4 Athletic Performance Shorts.  

For smaller items or great stocking stuffers, the P4 Sport Blenderbottle® or Proven4 Sport Head Band are excellent choices.

Merry Must-Haves

Looking for even more exclusive gifts that gym goers and fitness enthusiasts will love? 

  • Resistance bands – With everything up in the air due to the pandemic, more and more people are building home gyms. A resistance band set is perfect for all levels — they can be incorporated in warm-ups, bodyweight workouts, and in recovery work. 
  • Smartwatch – Whether you know someone who loves running trails and would benefit from an altimeter or miles, a smartwatch is a great gift that can track a variety of variables such as sleep and heart rate. 
  • Massage Gun – You’ve seen them around, handheld massage guns great for pre- and post-workout muscle relief. This is a great alternative to foam rollers, and is the new trendy item in muscle recovery. Available in a variety of sizes, you could even slip one into their gym bags for on-the-go muscle treatments.  

Shelley recommends the Hyperice-Hypervolt massage gun and shared that:

“The Hyperice-Hypervolt helped me get rid of a knot in my upper back that was caused by tension and stress, the pain was so bad it was hurting all the way up to my neck.  I used the massage gun one evening and I was shocked that I was 80% back to good.” 


Happy Holidays From The Proven4 Team!

Celebrate the season and surround yourself with those you love. Honor holiday traditions and make new ones — who knows, you could even create a fun holiday game and provide refreshments from Proven4! 





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