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P4 Interview: Jose Vazquez, Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Texas Rangers

We spoke with Texas Rangers strength and conditioning coach Jose Vazquez about a slew of topics, including common training mistakes, suggestions for building strength and speed, and whether pre and post workout sports supplements like P4 Pre Game Formula, Energy Formula, and Post Recovery Push live up to the hype. (Hint: They do.)

P4: What are some things you think people tend to overlook when it comes to their training regimen?

Jose Vazquez: Nutrition and strength training. People often try to rely too much on sports supplements without learning enough about nutrition; with training, there are so many different modes and methods of training out there that people forget that if they’re not strong they won’t be able to express strength on the field.

P4: What are two of the best exercises for building strength?

Vazquez: The squat and deadlift. However, you need to work on technique first. My approach to building speed is to develop strength with those lifts, and then add plyometrics and potentially some Olympic lifts. But first, work on form and mechanics.

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P4: What’s a common training mistake you run into with players?

Vazquez: Over-complicating things. There’s just so much info out there that some athletes can’t see through [it all] to find out what really works for them.

P4: How often should someone switch up the exercises in their workout?

Vazquez: That depends. If it’s a beginner asking that question, I’d suggest switching things up every four to six weeks. So you go from building a [strength] base phase to hypertrophy to strength and power. If it were a more advanced athlete, I’d suggest changing up every three weeks.

P4: Do players often discuss or ask you suggestions about sports supplementation? If so, what do you tell them about using pre- or post-workout supplements?

Vazquez: I have to be educated on this because … supplements are here to stay and they’re part of working out. I recommend P4 products. Pre Game Formula is probably the most popular one right now in my experience over the past few years. My guys prefer P4 above other products. I also recommend supplements like vitamins, omegas — the basic stuff.

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P4: As someone who has been around thousands of athletes throughout his career, do you believe pre-, intra-, and post-workout workout supplements like Pre Game Formula, Energy Formula, and Recovery Push Formula really make a difference in fueling up prior to and recovering after a tough game or workout?

Vazquez: My observation is that people do better with a pre workout supplement drink. Some guys use pre-workout supplementation as a means of picking themselves up after a sleepless night. So it’s often used as antidote to late night. But I feel like whoever has the best recovery coming into the workout does better.

As for a recovery drinks … I try to promote them as much as possible. Some people will tell you to get it in 30-45 minutes after a workout; I say drink it as quickly as possible after workout.



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