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P4 Sports Supp: More Energy and Better Recovery Made Easy

Two Simple Steps For More Energy and Better Recovery

For some people, the toughest part of a workout is getting to the weight room. But for elite pro athletes and determined everyday athletes and weightlifters, two other, more pressing problems are 1) gearing up for a workout, and 2) figuring out the best route to recovery.

“As you get older you’re going to need more energy,” says Frank Catalanotto, a retired pro baseball player who logged 14 seasons in the majors. “And I feel like I can get through my workouts much better and with sustained energy when I use Pre Game Formula.” (Learn More About Pre Game Formula here )

When it comes to recovery and nutrition, a whole-foods diet is always recommended. However, that’s sometimes a challenge.

“I’ve found that it’s tough to get all of your vitamins and other essentials just by eating food,” Catalanotto says. “That’s why I like Recovery Push Formula. After I have a hard workout, I drink it to replace the vitamins I lost while training.” (Learn More About Recovery Push Formula here)

By design, Proven4’s NSF Certified for Sport line of workout supplements were created to deliver lasting energy and support recovery while adhering to the strict guidelines of what constitutes a banned substance set forth by the World AntiDoping Agency (WADA). Catalanotto understands this because that’s what he and P4 teammate Shelley Mead, a specialist in FDA-approved pharmaceuticals, set out to do when they launched the brand.

“I can’t tell you how many different products I went through when I was playing … and there wasn’t NSF Certified for Sport products at the time, especially during the last few years of my career, [players] didn’t know what we could and couldn’t take in terms of supplements that didn’t include banned substances,” he says. “Some guys got into trouble, and that’s why the products we came out with had to be certified by NSF.”

He continues, “Overall, I think it’s important for the general public to realize that they can’t just be stuffing things into their bodies without knowing what’s in the bottle. That NSF logo on P4 products is really important because it’s letting every athlete know that what we say we put into the bottle — and what they’re considering putting into their body — has been scrutinized.”