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Proven 4 Partners with Bell for 2016

The P4 Team is excited to announce our continued partnership with running back Joique Bell in 2016. We’re looking forward to working with him in the year ahead as we continue to get NSF certified products into the hands of athletes across the country. Bell continues to be one of the hardest working running backs in the pros, overcoming injuries across the past two seasons and dedicating so much of his time to the Detroit community. In fact, Joique was recently recognized as the Ed Block Courage Award recipient for his outstanding sportsmanship, fortitude and dedication to his community.

Joique’s Start 

After a successful football and academic career at Wayne State University in Detroit, Bell entered the NFL in 2010 as a running back for the Buffalo Bills. He made a couple more moves before coming back home with a commitment to the Detroit Lions. Of course the road to becoming a professional athlete wasn’t easy; it was the direct result of his unwavering determination and commitment to his sport.

First-rate Fuel

Part of that is knowing exactly what kind of fuel he’s putting into his own body. Bell discovered the benefits of P4 during his 2014 season. “I do my research. I do my due diligence on what I put into my body. [That’s why] I was all for it.” Between the gym, practice and games, Bell continues to push his entire body to its limits. “I take P4 Pregame 20 minutes prior to my workout to give it time to get into my system. When I’m done working out, I don’t crash. Then I follow up with P4 Recovery Push.”

Detroit Passion 

For Bell, P4’s Detroit roots make it even better. “Detroit is my home. I’ve been here through the hard times and the struggles. When you take a player’s passion for the game and then you add it to the passion he has for his community, it gives you more motivation.”

And the P4 Team looks forward to helping him prove everything he’s after.


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