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Proven 4 the Fairway: Kristy Breuler’s Pre-game GOLF Stretches

When you’re about to spend a full day on the course, it’s critical to get tuned up with pre-game golf stretches for injury prevention and superior sport performance. That’s why we checked in with Golf Fitness Expert Kristy Breuler to get her best tips for your pre-tee ritual.

“The objective of pregame stretches is to fire up the muscles for best performance. When you’re warming up for a sport, it’s best to use active/motion stretches using a medium tempo, recruiting the muscles to ‘wake up,’ but without holding the stretches too long. Static, long holds or ‘relaxing stretches’ are most effective after your golf game,” says Breuler.

So here’s what to do. An hour before your tee time, grab your P4 Pre Game Sports Supplement and review Breuler’s Moves to Remember. Then, wake up your body with the stretches she’s demonstrated in her videos:

Video #1 Golf Pre-Game Stretches

 Video #2 Golf Cart Stretch (rotational stretch for shoulders and hips)

Video #3 Criss-Cross (for core muscles).


1)Focus on your ball-and-socket joints: shoulders and hips

2)Work your arms and shoulders in every plane of motion

3)Don’t forget your CORE muscles. Power for long drives comes from a strong core and gluteus.

4)IF YOU DO NOTHING ELSE, DO THIS: The one CORE GOLF exercise that is a MUST to do daily is CRISS-CROSS. Criss-Cross is one of the 5 Pilates exercises in the abdominal series.

Proven 4 is all about helping you play a premium game no matter what your sport. That’s why we’re proud to have Kristy on our team. Check back in a couple weeks for another installment of Breuler’s best advice, proven for your golf game.

Kristy Breuler is a TPI-certified golf fitness and Pilates instructor at Kensington Golf & Country Club in Naples, Florida. She has 10 years of expertience in golf conditioning, and is a dynamic resource for golfers of both pro and amateur golfers. Kristy is deliberate about making smart choices for her body, which is why she is passionate about P4 and proud to be a regular editorial contributor as part of the Proven 4 team.