Spider curls: Your Key to Bigger Pipes


As the weather warms up you’re going to be flashing more skin. And whether you’re poolside, strutting the boardwalk, stuck in an office, or on the practice field, sporting a well-defined pair of pipes is going to attract attention. Alternatively, bigger, stronger biceps also help with pulling movements, so along with boosting your outer appearance, you’re enabling yourself to move more weight with pulling exercises like rows.

The biceps brachii is made up of the long head and short head of the biceps; if you extend your arm out in front of you with your palms facing up, the inner part of the bi’s is your short head; the outer portion is the long head. While it’s imperative to train both heads equally, the biceps peak is what will really give your arms some pop. A great exercise that focuses on the biceps peak is spider curls. Reserve the end of your biceps training for spiders, and be sure to start off with lighter weight and go through a full range of motion before advancing with heavier weights.

How To Do Spider Curls 

1. Lean forward on the benchless side of a preacher curl setup. (An incline bench can be a suitable substitute if the preacher station is occupied.)

2. Begin with your arms extended while holding an EZ-curl bar or barbell; your triceps should be against the lower part of the pad while your armpits rest on the upper portion of the pad).

3. Without using momentum, curl the weight up as high as possible.

4. Squeeze for one second at the apex of the movement; slowly lower to the start position.

5. Repeat for reps.

Your bi’s should be toasted after your routine (and this move will no doubt contribute to that), so it’s important to recover adequately. P4’s workout supplement Recovery Push Formula contains electrolytes, BCAAs, and KarboLyn (a quick-digesting carbohydrate) to initiate the body’s recovery process. Just mix one scoop of Recovery PushFormula with 8-10 ounces of water, slug it down, and you’ve taken your first step toward prepping your body for better recovery so you can feel refreshed to tackle tomorrow’s workout.